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  • Preservation workshop
  • St. Joseph Drama Club play recounts ‘The Great St. Joseph Art Caper!’

    In its 200 year history, the Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral has had many wonderful memories and moments. A less wonderful moment was the theft of nine 17th century paintings from the church, in 1952. The theft stunned the Bardstown community and the art world in general. Fortunately the artworks were recovered and restored to their original places of honor in the church.

  • OPINION: These are not your daddy’s Democrats

    The editor of The Kentucky Standard wrote in a recent column that one of his readers accused him of putting out a liberal paper based on the predominantly Democrat-leaning cartoons, columns and opinion pieces. The editor stated that basically, those are the types of pieces submitted to the paper, and that he would like to have other viewpoints as well.

    So, here’s a different viewpoint.

  • OPINION: Violent extremism in all forms is deplorable, full stop.

    What’s clear from the most recent attacks in Christchurch and Utrecht along with others like Orlando, San Bernadino, Quebec City, Charleston, and Utoya, Norway, is that no single group has a monopoly on violent extremism. Even the groups that we have viewed as notoriously peaceful, Buddhists, are today committing massive atrocities against their Muslim neighbors in Myanmar. Francophone Cameroonians are warring with their English-speaking neighbors because those neighbors want more rights. The major faultline between the two groups primarily being linguistic.

  • EDITORIAL: Bridge Nelson County — new and ready to improve
  • Volunteer spotlight: Bob Livers
  • Bloomfield Road S-curve work delayed

    Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet say they do not know when work will begin again on the U.S. 62 project near Bloomfield.

    Work began in early October to straighten the “S” curves between Springfield Road and Bloomfield but the wet weather has caused delays.

    “Right now the project is dormant until more consistently dry weather,” Chris Jessie of the KTC office in Elizabethtown said.

    The contract completion date is May 15.

  • Nelson County grand jury indictments from Jan. 9

    Note: The indictment of a person by a grand jury or otherwise is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

    The following people have been indicted by a Nelson County grand jury and had arraignments originally set for Jan. 24

  • Nelson County Fiscal Court briefs from March 19

    County to ask state for school bus money

    Nelson County Judge-Executive Dean Watts will ask the state Transportation Cabinet for $200,000 to reimburse the county government for money in spent in 2018-2019 to transport non-public school students.

    Bethlehem High School has its own buses and is reimbursed for actual costs based on their invoices. For the other private schools, the Fiscal Court contracts with the Bardstown and Nelson County school districts to bus students based on an established formula for computing the cost per student.

  • COLUMN: The ideal date for Judgment Day

    WASHINGTON — Please, Tom Steyer, stop spending all that money on impeachment ads. If you want to run spots against President Trump, target his shameful 2020 budget.

    In the meantime, the rest of us should quit pretending there is a big debate among Democrats about impeachment. There isn’t. There is actually consensus, which is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won broad support when she pushed back against impeachment in an interview with The Washington Post.