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  • Limping dog leads to valuable lesson learned

    My 8-year-old dog Max has a limp.

    A couple of trips to the vet have yielded no definite answers. It could be this, it could be that and even an X-ray couldn’t determine his ailment. Possible cures, followed by price tags in the thousands, has hampered my ability to find a solution to his problem.

    But he manages. He still gets up and down the stairs on his own, can manage to jump into the back seat of the car without a problem and still chases the neighbor kids from behind the backyard fence.

  • Choices aplenty this Halloween

    Not since the days the Jaycees and Kroger teamed up for a giant Halloween party at Kentucky Home Square have kids had the options they have this year to celebrate All Saints Eve.

    There are two community parties taking place Friday including one at the Nelson County Fairgrounds that will incorporate rides and concerts to go along with a haunted house, trick or treat trail and costume contest.

    Meanwhile at Dean Watts Park a free Trick or Treat evening for kids 11 and under with games, a hayride and costume contest will take place.

  • Fun, excitement found while trick-or-treating

    For many people, this time of year means raking leaves, admiring fall colors, hay rides and apple cider. Then there are those who use it as an excuse to eat lots of candy under the guise of preparing for Halloween.

    Guess which group I’m in?

    While I enjoy watching the leaves turn color (though this is probably not going to be the best year for that), and fall happens to be my favorite time of year, I also like the sense of fun and excitement trick or treating brings to the season.

  • Landmark Media Enterprises suspends its process to sell newspapers

    Landmark Media Enterprises, LLC, parent company of The Kentucky Standard, PLG-TV and Kentucky Homes Magazine, announced today that, due to difficult credit markets, it was largely suspending the process to sell its remaining businesses. The process was launched in January when the company hired national investment firms to explore selling the Norfolk-based company.

  • Police find storage thief suspects in Louisville

    The suspects that were allegedly involved in stealing from three storage locations were located earlier this week in Louisville.

    The suspects, Bobby Joe Brown, 45, and Donna Michelle Watkins, 43, both of Louisville, allegedly stole more than $10,000 from several Bardstown storage units on at least three occasions, according to Bardstown Police Detective Barbara Roby.

  • Kentucky would do well with electing Boswell

    To the editor:

  • Does Obama have the qualities of a prince?

    To the editor:

    I have been studying the works of Niccolo Machiavelli and one of the pieces he wrote caught my eye. “The Prince” was written to make guidelines and qualities for a prince to have in order to be in that position. In The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote several interesting qualities that make you think whether or not the qualities of a prince are the same qualities of the president.

  • Reader urges vote for Bardstown Council candidates

    To the editor:

    On behalf of myself and Joe Masterson, we would like to show our support for the candidates Kevin and Madge Brumley, who are running for City Council. Kevin Brumley has volunteered his services on several projects at the Old Bardstown Village for the past several years, to restore, construct and maintain the historic buildings in the Old Bardstown Village.

    Kevin, with his knowledge and forethought, has saved us thousands of dollars and we know he would do the same for the city. Plus Kevin has a vast knowledge of government operations.

  • Fair Board not connected with Rock-n-Ride

    To the editor:

    The upcoming Rock-n-Ride event at the Nelson County fairgrounds Oct. 28-Nov. 1, is an outside event not affiliated with the Nelson County Fair board members or the fair. The portion of the proceeds go toward the American Cancer Society.

    For more information, watch PLG TV-13, The Kentucky Standard, radio stations and/or visit Web site www.bardstownfestival.com.

    Please do not contact fair board members for information.

    Patsy Durbin


    Nelson County Fair Board

    2391 New Haven Road


  • Keep America safe: vote for McCain for president

    To the editor:

    The USSR’s 70-year experiment in Marxism, or “scientific socialism,” failed, but only 19 years later, most of us forget the kind of joy we felt when the Berlin wall started coming down. Regardless, the Cold War is actually back and far too many historically oblivious and over-confident Americans think that history starts with today. Marxism is making a significant comeback in Russia and if Senator Obama gets elected, based on his campaign remark “redistribute the wealth,” marxism will be more active in the USA.