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  • Chamber seeks nominations

    The Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber of Commerce is looking for a few good men.

    Well, actually, the Chamber is looking for one good man and one good woman to be honored as the 2008 Man and Woman of the Year.

  • Thanks to local hospital staff, workers

    To the editor:

    We would like to give a heartfelt thanks publicly to the staff at Flaget Hospital from the time we arrived at the ER to ICU to the SNU to the discharge. We were treated exceptionally well and with great kindness by the physicians, R.N., aides and therapists. All encouraged and kept us informed about each treatment. All will be remembered in our prayers.

    Jean J.

    and John R. Marino Sr.

    147 Springhill Drive


  • Cigarette tax increase has positive side effects

    To the editor:

    The Kentucky General Assembly faces a difficult decision in the coming weeks — whether or not to increase the state’s cigarette tax. Many legislators have stepped forward expressing their support and opposition.

    Kentucky has one of the highest adult smoking rates in the country and one of the lowest cigarette excise taxes — 47th to be exact.

  • Banning cell phones in car is not the answer

    My cell phone rang yesterday and I picked it up.

    But if some legislators get their way, I could have been arrested.

    The reason? I was in my car and was not using a hands-free device. Seems like an unlikely reason to draw the attention of law enforcement officials but some states have already passed the law requiring hands-free devices in vehicles.

    Granted, an arrest is probably not the likely outcome of such an offense. But a citation with a fine attached could be painful as well.

  • Session’s major issue deals with budgets

    Having completed the organizational week of the 2009 session, and determined the leadership of the General Assembly for the next two years we now turn our energies to the budget problem. Our most serious problem is that there is not enough money to pay for everything in the current budget.

  • Thanks for help to honor Industries personnel

    To the editor:

    The Nelson County Association for the Handicapped wishes to thank all the volunteers who helped with our annual dinner to honor the individuals of the Nelson County Industries Dec. 3, 2008. We appreciate the dinner that Martha Mattingly and her volunteers from The Old Kentucky Home Country Club and the parishioners from St. Gregory Parish served us so graciously with a dinner all of us enjoyed.

    Also many thanks to Bob and Lisa Grady for their generosity in helping to pay for the entertainment that Mike Brown provided for us.

  • New president needs to unite country in war

    To the editor:

    President Bush will be missed by those who believe he did as good a job as possible with the hand he was dealt.

    No president, except maybe F.D.R., has had so many unforeseen tragedies happen to alter his original plans when he took office. In my opinion, President Bush has made some bad choices throughout his eight years, but America elected him to make those choices.

    However you feel about him, there was never any question about where he stood on the big issues.

  • Zoeller should remain on board

    In the best of all worlds, finding candidates to serve on planning commissions would be a simple matter. Just identify someone who is not paid for his or her work and has the time, temperament and knowledge to faithfully attend training seminars and educate himself in other ways without the baggage of conflicts of interest. Couple this with thick skin to fend off the verbal barbs often hurled in the heat of passion that can only be generated when someone does not get his or her way concerning property rights.

  • Let’s make the most of new beginnings in ’09

    Early 2009 seems especially rich in new beginnings opportunities.   

    To list at least some of them:

    •A new calendar year.

    •A new/renewed set of resolutions to do better about whatever — be kinder, healthier,  lighter, wiser ...

    •A new U.S. Congress and so a clean legislative slate (though some unpassed items from the 110th Congress will likely be re-titled and resubmitted).   Some shift in legislative priorities.

  • Economic struggles call for the end of war

    To the editor: