• Heroin epidemic state’s chief public health focus


    Almost one in five adults in Kentucky has a friend or family member who has problems from using heroin, according to a newly released survey.

    The Health Issues Poll of 1,580 adults conducted last fall by Interact for Kentucky and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky also found that nearly three in 10 know someone with a prescription painkiller problem.

    It’s an epidemic Kentucky’s state epidemiologist, Dr. Jonathan Ballard, talked about during interviews with PLG TV-13 and The Kentucky Standard Tuesday.

  • Revamped Relay for Life is Saturday

    After months of fundraising, taking part in political efforts and raising awareness of cancer in the community, Relay for Life’s 2017 efforts come to fruition Saturday with an updated event.

    Relay for Life has been a tradition in Nelson County for more than two decades, but this year’s event sees a new location, more activities and a shortened runtime. Instead of being held at Bardstown Schools, this is the first year the event will be held at the Nelson County Fairgrounds.

  • The associated risks of growing older

    By Carol Marak

    In the aging process, an older person can adapt and handle the physical and mental challenges of decline if they have some form of nearby support. But not every older American has access to a family member or a friend to give occasional help. 

    There’s an unseen group of seniors that the health care industry has recently noticed. It’s the community-dwelling aged who are socially and physically isolated, without an available known family member or designated caregiver.

  • Overdoses continue at a steady pace

    Nelson County remained firmly in the grasp of the opioid crisis through the late winter and early spring months of this year as overdoses continued to climb, although comprehensive numbers remain largely unavailable.

    In March and April, emergency workers responded to at least 32 overdoses of various drugs, and Nelson County EMS administered the opiate antidote naloxone 23 times, according to numbers provided by Eva Prewitt, director of education and compliance for the county EMS service.

  • Ease back into spring activities

    By Dr. Mark Duber

    The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and spring sports are in full swing. While a return to activity in the spring is a happy time for athletes after the cold temperatures of winter, there is also a risk of injury. Improper conditioning throughout the colder months means many athletes returning to activity may face setbacks like plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and tendinitis. Working up to activity slowly is key to preventing these common ailments.

  • 1 in 3 Americans may have had warning stroke without knowing it


    Is it possible to have a small stroke and not even realize it?

    Yes, according to new research that found about 35 percent of Americans experience symptoms of a warning stroke. Yet only about 3 percent get immediate medical attention.

    Most adults who had at least one sign of a “mini” stroke — a temporary blockage known as a transient ischemic attack — waited or rested until symptoms faded instead of calling 911, according to research from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.

  • American toddlers eat more French fries than vegetables



    American toddlers are more likely to eat French fries than green vegetables on any given day, according to a new national survey on children’s eating habits.

    Many young kids also go without any vegetables at all, the survey found.

    One in four 6- to 11-month-olds and one in five 1-year-olds had no reported vegetable consumption at all on days they were surveyed, the researchers reported.

  • Knee problems — and how to deal with them

    By Carol Marak

    Aging Advocate

    How many seniors deal with knee pain and challenges?

    Today in the U.S., joint replacement surgeons perform close to 700,000 knee-replacement surgeries. It is the most frequently performed joint-replacement surgery of our time and by 2030, we can expect that number to grow to 3.5 million. But patients younger than 60 will account for over 50 percent of the growth.


    Water and Wastewater Committee

    The City of Bardstown’s Water and Wastewater Committee meeting will hold a special meeting on at 3 p.m. Monday, May 1, in the Mayor’s Conference Room at City Hall.


    Nelson County Fiscal Court

    Nelson County Fiscal Court will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 2.

    National Day of Prayer

  • WORTH THE WEIGHT: Local gym participates in nationwide Festivus Games

    I know a lot of my gladiators have been wondering where I’ve been this past year.

    I am still hanging out with my trainer Kerry “K.O.” Overfelt at Darkside Athletics. But there have been some new and improved changes not only in my appearance but in my regimen. At the beginning of the year the annual crossfit-style competition, Festivus Games was scheduled and I decided, along with a few more of my Angels and gym mates, to participate at Crossfit the Tracks in Erlanger this year.

    What is Festivus?