• Nelson County Judge elected president of Kentucky District Judges Association

    Nelson County District Court Judge Robert W. Heaton has been elected president of the Kentucky District Judges Association. Heaton was elected to serve by his fellow judges at the District Judges College Oct. 18-21 at the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort. His term as president is two years. He succeeds Campbell County District Court Judge Karen A. Thomas as president.

  • Open carry advocate returns to council

    Open-carry advocate Stephen McBride was prepared to address Bardstown City Council members at a meeting Tuesday, but he was not given the chance, at first.

    As Bardstown Mayor Bill Sheckles and City Council members got to work, McBride, Shelby County, said he had some things he wanted to say, but Sheckles told McBride he was not on the agenda.

    “So you’re going to limit my ability to speak here?” McBride asked Sheckles.

    “You’re not on the agenda,” Sheckles told McBride.

  • Blazer Heights subdivision residents question Bloomfield City Council on need for annexation

    A small but vocal crowd awaited Bloomfield City Council as it opened its meeting Monday evening. Residents from Blazer Heights subdivision, just north of Bloomfield, had received a notice from the city of its intent to annex this section into the city limits.

  • Committee stewards the urban forest in Bardstown

    The Bardstown Tree Board Committee had a meeting Thursday at Bardstown City Hall and discussed the trimming, removal and shaping of trees within the city limits. On recommendations by city groundskeeper Philip Grubbs, the following decisions were made:

    • Removal of trees at  202 and 216 S. Third St., 1050 Old Bloomfield Pike, 409 N. Second St. and 309 N. Third

  • Height restriction waved for 18,000-square-foot house

    The Nelson County Board of Adjustment approved a height variance during a public hearing Thursday for an approximately 18,000-square-foot private residence 53 feet in height.

    The residence, designed for Jeremy and Cindy Delk, is planned for a 14.67-acre lot in Remington Heights subdivision, on Wetherby Avenue, north of Bardstown. Including a spire on top of the residence’s cupola, it will be 63 feet tall, however county regulation states spires are not included in a height calculation.

  • Public record: Citations: Dec. 8, 2011

    Due to state guidelines, computer records no longer list dates of birth or addresses. In order to identify individuals, The Kentucky Standard will list the year of birth following the name.


    Diane M. Switzer, 1965, alcohol intoxication in a public place, $208.

    Vera A. Prater, 1967, alcohol intoxication in a public place, $208.

    Lanny N. Mest, 1966, alcohol intoxication in a public place, $153.

    Thomas Freddy Hamilton, 1961, assault fourth degree, $153 plus 365 days/305 days suspended.

  • Public record: Property Transfers: Dec. 8, 2011

    National Residential Nominee Services Inc., Plano, Texas, to Linda L. Parish, Bardstown, Lot 18 Woodlawn Springs, Golf and Residential Resort, Phase One, $154,900.

    Charles R. and Alison Morris to Brittany Stone, all of Bardstown, Lot 24 San Angelo Subdivision, $103,000.

    Ludell Moran, Bardstown, to James Tyler Moran, Bloomfield, real estate in Nelson County, $1.

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Michael W. and Mary Kay Kienia, Boston, real estate in Nelson County, $23,000.

  • Public record: Zoning Compliance: Dec. 8, 2011

    The Joint City-County Planning Commission has issued the following zoning compliance permits:

    Weeks of Nov. 21 and 26, 2011:

    Ben O’Bryan, 2515 Walter Hall Road, New Hope, single family.

    Chris and Lorraine Howell, 114 Woodlawn Springs Road, alteration.

    Judy Beaven, 136 Venetian Way, accessory.

    Susan Cox, 975 Bloomfield Road, commercial structure.

    David Hurst, 225 North Third Street, commercial alteration.

    David Johnson, 170 Barberry Lane, accessory.

  • Gun signs changed on city buildings

    Mayor Bill Sheckles told Bardstown City Council members Tuesday that new signs had been posted at the entrances of city buildings and parks that prohibit the possession of a concealed weapon on the property.

  • Fiscal Court looks at updated Comprehensive Plan

    The updated Nelson County Comprehensive Plan, adopted in October, is the product of seven years of work on the part of the Joint City-County Planning Commission, commission Director Janet Johnston-Crowe told Nelson Fiscal Court Tuesday.

    “The Comprehensive Plan is required by state law. It is a guide for you as public officials and for private individuals to ensure that development occurs in a managed way,” Johnston-Crowe told the magistrates.