• Public Record-Divorces-Oct. 20, 2017

    Cheryl Suzanne Donahue, 49, Arthur Eugene Spalding, 54, divorce final Sept. 5 (date of marriage Nov. 16, 2014).

    Harry Leo Smith, 64, Susan Clara Turner, 61, divorce final Sept. 5 (date of marriage Dec. 27, 1997).

    Constance R. Cecil, 46, Joseph W. Cecil, 45, divorce final Sept 6 (date of marriage July 27, 2013).

    Katherine Heavrin, 61, William Howard Haynes, 68, divorce final Sept. 6 (date of marriage Feb. 16, 2016).

    Karen Anderson Barton, 45, Robert Anderson Barton, 45, divorce final Sept. 6 (date of marriage Feb. 14, 2005).

  • Public Record-Citations-Oct. 20, 2017

    Dates on citations indicate when the offense was adjudicated, not when it was issued

    Linda Hornback, 1972, disorderly conduct, 30 days/30 days suspended (6/1/17).

    Julie Owens, 1983, theft by unlawful taking, $163 plus 180 days/180 days suspended (6/28/17).

    Stephanie Blanco, 1990, assault fourth degree, $163 plus 90 days/90 days suspended (6/28/17).

    Vickie McCauley, 1971, theft by unlawful taking, possession of marijuana, $263 plus 100 days/100 days suspended (6/28/17).

  • Public Record-Zoning permits-Oct. 20, 2017

    Zoning permits for Sept. 23 through Oct. 17

    Wayne Nalley, 2394 Hobbs Lane, 8’x12’ half underground storm shelter.

    BW Construction, 105 Lorenza Circle, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    John Pierce, 202 Taylorsville Road, 10’x12’ storage shed.

    Guy Newton, 9701 New Haven Road, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    Stephen Morgan, 1005 Stonefield Way, 30’x30’ addition onto rear of existing garage with a 12’ x 30’ open lean-to off the side per site plan.

  • Nelson Circuit Court sentencings from Sept. 7

    The following people were sentenced recently in Nelson Circuit Court. All had previously entered a plea of guilty or had been found guilty during a criminal trial.

    Marion L. Willis II, 35, of New Albany, Ind., was sentenced to five years in prison for flagrant non-support.Willis was conditionally discharged for a period of five years or until arrears paid, whichever is later. From Dec. 8, 2008, through April 30, 2016, Willis failed to provide support, resulting in an arrearage of $51,420.08.

  • Public Record-Citations-Oct. 5, 2017

    Dates on citations indicate when the offense was adjudicated, not when it was issued

    Kaynell Pate, 1965, no insurance, $143 plus 45 days/45 days suspended, 25 hours community service.

    Deshanna Miller, 1994, speeding, $143 plus state traffic school (5/17/17).

    Lori Lenz, 1967, no seat belt, $25 (5/17/17).

    William Burnett, 1989, no seat belt, $25 (5/8/17).

    Brian Helm, 1987, speeding, $193 (5/18/17).

    Brandon Humphrey, 1982, no seat belt, $25 (5/25/17).

    Jayson Thompson, 1996, speeding, $186 (5/15/17).

  • Public Record-Property transfers-Oct. 5, 2017


    Sarah Ballard to Jennifer and Richard Hagan, all of Bardstown, Lot 142 Heritage Hills, Addition NO. 79-1, $215,000.

    Gary and Linda Barr, of Bardstown, to Swann-Barr Properties LLC, of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $123.

    Charles Hamilton, trustee, of Bardstown, to Gary Hamilton, trustee, real estate in Nelson County, $65,000.

    Arthur and Glenna Smith, of Hodgenville, to Harold Byrd, of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $214,000.

  • Public Record-Zoning permits-Oct. 5, 2017

    Zoning permits for the weeks of Sept. 1-22.

    Maywood Farms LLC, Remington Drive, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    David Frye, 239 Guthrie Drive, 8’x12’ front porch addition onto existing house.

    Chadwick T. Case, 744 Beechwood Ave., 30’x51’ pole barn.

    Mary Hall, 2775 Fairfield Road, 22’ round pool with a 21’x21’ uncovered deck.

    Mary Hall, 2775 Fairfield Road, 6’x10’ Greenhouse.

  • Public Record-marriages-Sept. 22, 2017

    Thomas Mattellus Clark Jr., 71, Bardstown, retired; Janet Denise Bowman, 62, Bardstown, LPN.

    Darin Michael Wheatley, 24, Bardstown, fork lift operator; Valene Nicole Harless, 21, Bloomfield, dental assistant.

    Ricky Lee Wheeler, 56, Bardstown, human resource tech; Cynthia Marie Barragan, 49, Bardstown, finance manager.

    Ruth Arianne Peak, 26, Bardstown, support supervisor; John Francis Beatty, 35, Bardstown, sprinkler fitter.

    James Patrick Seward, 73, Loretto, retired; Sara Ann Hall Seward, 77, New Haven, customer relations.

  • Public Record-Property transfers-Sept. 22, 2017


    Kaleb and Elizabeth Wimpsett to Christy Horton, all of Bardstown, Lot 1 Copper Fields, Phase I, $127,900.

    Donald and Susan Higdon to Lonnie and Tonya Cole, all of Bardstown, et al, real estate in Nelson County, $98,500.

    Donna and John Nichols to Kelly Hutchins, all of Bardstown, Lot 122 Presidential Estates Subdivision, Phase 6, $113,400.

    Shane and Bridget Carnahan, of Pierre, So. Dakota, to Darrin and Lisa Foster, of Bloomfield, real estate in Nelson County, $85,000.

  • Public Record-Zoning permits-Sept. 22, 2017

    Zoning permits for Aug. 26-31

    James Dennis Wheatley, 3117 Bison Lane, 12-1/2’x18’ covered porch.

    Larry Howell, 113 Iroquois Trail, 16’x20’ detached shed.

    Everett and Deborah Hood, 1495 Holt Ridge Road, 24’ x 26’ carport.

    Dennis Grubbs, 106 Stumphs Court, 10’ x 16’ covered porch addition with 4’ x 16’ uncovered ramp onto front of existing single-wide mobile home.