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  • Getting back to the garden

    When we first moved to Florida, our oldest daughter was 14 and not happy about the move.

    Being 14, she cried. A lot.

    One of her many places of tears was Sunken Gardens, the old Florida attraction in St. Petersburg. It’s supposedly the oldest commercial tourist attraction on Florida’s west coast and one of the first botanical gardens in the U.S.

    In 1903, George Turner, Sr., a plumber and avid gardener, bought the site, which included a shallow lake, 10 feet below sea level. He drained it and planted a “sunken” garden.

  • Christian Leadership Conference May 19 in Bardstown

    “The Leader as Shepherd” is the topic of a Christian leadership conference May 19 in Bardstown sponsored by Nelson Baptist Association and the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

    The Call Conference is “for all Christian leaders and those aspiring to be leaders in the church,” said Matthew Spandler-Davison, lead pastor of Bardstown Community Fellowship. “We want to explore how a call to Christian leadership is a call to care for God’s people.”

  • A desperate letter from Lisa

    Sometimes I get letters or e-mails from people that make me want to spit tacks.

    I’m not talking about critical letters. (Those make me want to hide under my covers, suck my thumb and cry.)

    I’m talking about letters from people, from fellow Christians, who are sure God isn’t pleased with them and who are desperate for a how-to to help them get back on track, to finally be faithful to God.

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  • Dead man rising this Easter

    About six or so years ago, I met a man who said he saw a dead man raised to life.

    The dead man’s name was Bob and the man who told me about it said God had told him to go to Bob’s house to pray.

    He didn’t know Bob had died until he got there, but since God had told him to pray, he figured he better do it. So, he asked Bob’s wife if he could see him.

    The man had seen death before, and Bob was dead. Even so, the man started praying because God had told him so.

  • Pre-Easter celebration set for April 4

    Kerry Allen, executive director of Person-to-Person Ministries in Hillsboro, Ohio, is the guest speaker for the Nelson Area Christian Ministerial Association’s (NACMA), pre-Easter celebration April 4 hosted by Nelson Christian Church, at 1760 New Shepherdsville Road. The 7 p.m. program will be preceded by a meal provided by the participating churches at 6 p.m. A nursery will be provided.

  • Religion Notes: March 30, 2012

    Open Door fish fry

    The Open Door Christian Center, 2345 Taylorsville Road, Bloomfield, will have a fish fry, silent auction and live auction 4-8 p.m. March 30 to benefit the Northern Lights Mission. The auctions will feature homemade cakes, pies and more. To donate, call 477-2330, 477-5013 or 502-252-9154.

  • Which message do you see?

    Every time my town has an event that draws a lot of people, from a Saturday’s farmer’s market to a festival or parade, a local pastor and members of his church are there, handing out gospel tracts.

    During the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Brother Troy was on the corner, handing out tracts.

    The one he gave me had an I.Q. test on the front with only one question. “GODISNOWHERE — What does this say?”

    People either see “God is nowhere” or “God is now here.”