• RELIGION NOTES: Feb. 13, 2015

    Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

    In celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth invite visitors to an open house 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 15, at the Nazareth Motherhouse. The Visitor Center will be open and guided tours will be available. The Sisters of Loretto and the Abbey of Gethsemani are also having open houses that day and time.

    When God’s People Pray:

    Conference with John Franklin

  • Loving my neighbor: Invitation pending

    It’s been a while since I thought about skipping church because of the sermon topic, but last week I was tempted.

    At my church we’re currently going through a sermon series on “Love Thy Neighbor,” which in itself isn’t a skipping-church-worthy topic. I mean, who doesn’t agree that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves?

  • ‘If the prodigal were a daughter’ 

    A few years ago, the late Janice Chaffee wrote the book, “If the Prodigal Were A Daughter.”

    In it, she took several parables of Jesus and rewrote them, making women the main characters in 21st-century settings.

    My favorite story is her take of the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15. She called it “Solana: A Loved Daughter.”

  • Religion Notes: Feb. 6, 2015

    First Baptist food pantry

    First Baptist Church of Bardstown has a food pantry on the second Tuesday of each month from 10 am. to noon.

    Children’s choir program

  • RELIGION NOTES: Jan. 30, 2015

    Chili Bowl cook-off

    Nelson Christian Church, 1760 New Shepherdsville Road, will hold its annual Chili Bowl cook-off at 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 1. Certificates will be awarded to the first, second and third-place winners. Sandwiches, appetiziers, and dessert will be served. Games, movie, and football are be available after the meal. For more information, call the church at 348-3495.

    First Baptist food pantry

    First Baptist Church of Bardstown has a food pantry on the second Tuesday of each month from 10 am. to noon.

  • St. Joseph Respect for Life Committee places crosses
  • Respect is gained by respecting ourselves

    By the Rev. Karl Lusk

    Well-known sportscaster/commentator Dick Vitale was featured on a local newscast recently, promoting his new book,  “It’s Awesome, Baby!” an autobiography.

  • Another Wickland ghost

    I know that Wickland is infested with ghost or spirits. At nights and the early mornings I have been awaken by their cries. There are times you can sense their presence without hearing them.

  • A batch of random thoughts

    Once a month or so I make my husband a huge pot of vegetable soup and divide it into small plastic containers to put in the freezer for his lunch.

    Usually, my soup is delicious, except for the batch I just made. I forgot to put in the chopped onion and my husband said it’s way too salty.

  • Accepting the grace we hate

    Recently, I had a conversation with someone who was trying to figure out how grace works.

    She said she knew that she needed to believe in Jesus, but she still wasn’t sure that that’s enough, maybe she needed to do something to “maintain” God’s grace.

    “No,” I told her, “grace is either you’re in or you’re out. Pass/fail, yes or no, but never maybe. It’s never gray or fuzzy.”