People and Places

  • Bluegrass Bigfoot: Do you believe?

    About 50 people turned out Wednesday night for a presentation by Charlie Raymond, founder and lead investigator of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization.

    His audience at the New Haven branch of the Nelson County Public Library consisted of a few skeptics, some believers and those “open to the possibility” as he led a discussion on Bigfoot’s existence.

  • Beekeeper talks about hive care, operation through the season

    Doug Brink has been keeping bees for about three years now and it’s a hobby that started because of his love of honey.

    “We probably use a quart of honey a month,” he said.

    With six hives at his Bardstown Home on Caney Fork Road, Brink — President of the Nelson County Beekeepers — said a lot to beekeeping is observation.

    Recently, Brink performed routine hive checks, looking for any issues in the hive that could be detrimental for the upcoming winter.

  • Biplane tours help Ninety-Nines fund girls’ aviation scholarships

    Brittany McIntyre had never flown in a small plane before, and the smallest her husband, Chad, had been in was a six-seater, so for the two to take a ride in Steve Koch’s bright red biplane was a “fascinating” experience, she said.

    “I loved it,” said Brittany. “It was the longest 15 minutes ever!”

    Chad said it seemed the plane was going so slow, although the speedometer said 80.

    Flying over Bardstown and seeing their city from a different perspective was beautiful, she said.

  • PEOPLE & PLACES: Nelson County man reflects on time in Air Force

    When Kenny Fogle initially signed up for the Air Force, his reasons focused more on subsistence rather than serving his country.

    “I needed a steady job, and I was hoping to go back to college, and I knew the Air Force helped pay for your college education,” he said. “So that was my two main motivators…for when I originally joined the Air Force.”

  • Once a farm girl, always

    Sarah Jewell drives her truck along deeply rutted dirt roads, grown with weeds and morning glories, past tall corn to the barnyard where her goats, an old red heifer and a few other cows and calves eagerly await her arrival.

    As soon as she lowers the tailgate, Cassie, her favorite goat, jumps onto it and buries her head in one of the buckets of grain.

    Jewell laughs at the greedy nanny.

    “She’s a pet. I raised her from a baby,” she said.

  • Living, with Jesus’ love

    Gladys Davidson loves Jesus and Jesus loves her. It’s a comfort that the 102-year-old woman shares with everyone she meets during her stay at Colonial Health & Rehab in Bardstown.

    “I’ve been a Christian since I was a little tiny girl,” Davidson told the Standard and PLG-TV. “I lived through some rough times I never could if I didn’t have Jesus.”

    Davidson celebrated her birthday Saturday and while she couldn’t quite recall some of the family and friends that wished her well, she was happy to see anyone.

  • New Haven commissioner is title-bearing racer

    Mike Morris leads a double life. While he is a soft-spoken New Haven City Commissioner during the week, his weekend demeanor is one of a fast-tracked dragster.

    The 64-year-old New Haven man has been drag racing cars since he was 16, right after getting his driver’s license.

    “That’s all we had to do,” he said. “We had no video games, nothing else to do but go hunting or play with hot rods.”

  • Reelin' in the Rentals

    Off of West John Rowan Boulevard, on Chambers Boulevard sits a section of a strip mall with a light green roof. Hanging in the window late Monday morning is a flashing neon “OPEN” sign with a few cars sitting in the front parking lot.
    Perched on the roof, in bright orange letters, read the words “Family Video.”

  • Nelson Scene: Aug. 12

     The community participated in two events this weekend for good causes. On Friday, a comedy showcase was put on to benefit a local family displaced by a house fire. On Saturday, the Jason Ellis Benefit Poker Run raised funds for the OKHFOP and remembered the fallen Bardstown officer. Check out these shots: 

  • Upcoming reunions

    St. Catherine school reunion