People and Places

  • Caving club blazes trail to Hidden River

    Kentucky’s karst geology and underground formations were not the only things on the “menu” recently for the caving club from Bloomfield Middle School.

    On a visit to Hidden River Cave, the group learned the value of listening skills, effective communication and teamwork during a three-hour excursion into “wild” portions of the cave that meanders deep under the streets of Horse Cave.

  • Christmas Tour of Homes is Saturday

    This year’s Christmas Tour of Homes runs the gamut of homes historic and new, traditional and contemporary, but all the homes have something in common: They’ll be lit up for the Christmas season. And in the spirit of the sponsor, the Stephen Foster Music Club, most locations will feature either live or recorded holiday music as visitors tour the home.

  • Photos: Nelson County ... through your lens

    When Rob Brown bought his wife a camera four years ago, “It was going to be my wife’s hobby,” he said. But it was he who read the book on how to operate the camera and started taking pictures. His niece’s senior portraits were the first thing he photographed for someone else. “They turned out good with a cheaper camera,” so Brown bought a nicer camera and never looked back. “I guess I express what I see through my lens,” he said.

  • Traveling Miles for the king of rock 'n' roll

    Eddie Miles owes Elvis Presley a debt of gratitude.

    The Holy Cross native and Marion County High School graduate has made a living with his Elvis act. Although his current show also features music of country music legends, it was Elvis who got the ball rolling.

    “I grew up listening to the radio, and of course Elvis was one of the biggest acts ever,” Miles said.

  • Write … in the middle of it

    At 84 years old, Paul R. Jordan feels he still has a lot to offer.

    “The Good Lord’s let me live this long, and I’ve been in good health,” he said. “I’m going to use that until the very end.”

    So much so, the local author has his sixth book — “Descent to Sudden Death” — coming out soon, and he’s already working on another one.