People and Places

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: An artistic passion

    Pedestrians visiting the several stores that line the streets of downtown Bardstown may spot several paintings hanging up in the second story windows of a building at the corner of Third Street and Flaget Avenue, above the Edward Jones office.

    The colorful pieces were created by a variety of students under the direction of Nelson County resident Mary Crum Spalding.

    Spalding said she has been creating art her whole life, but is not quite sure how she got into it.

  • People & Places: Inspired by India

    Kristal Monroe may be back in the states, but a recent trip to India has her eager to help from home.

    “I didn’t know a lot about India when I went,” Monroe said. “It was eye-opening to see how other people live.”

    Monroe made the trip with an Atlanta mission group after being invited by a pastor she had grown up with.

    The group flew into Chennai and then took a six-hour train ride into Tenali, where they would spend the majority of their time for the two-week mission.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: 'Her last wish'

    Old buildings tell stories in brick, wood and stone, of times gone by, and My Old Kentucky Home State Park is a famous example. With its antebellum mansion, Federal Hill, Judge John Rowan’s little law office on the front lawn, the stables and other outbuildings, it gives visitors a glimpse of what life was like in Kentucky before the Civil War.

    But part of early Kentucky’s story is missing — the physical history of the lives of the slaves and former slaves, including African-American women, who helped build the state.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: Luck of the draw

    Lucky Bard Games is filled with shelves of various tabletop games, display cases of cards and a collection of desktop computers. But beyond the physical objects is an intangible quality one can only experience after walking through the door: the feeling of camaraderie.

    Daniel Hall, who runs the shop with his mother and younger brother, said the purpose of creating the shop was to bring people who play games together.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: World on Wheels

    The children knew what to do when they saw the vehicle pull up. As the door opened, they filed inside the tiny space, eyes searching for what they wanted. 

    They had the routine mastered, stepping inside the Nelson County Public Library’s Bookmobile just as generations have done before.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: Farming for the future

    On an unusually warm April morning, Amy Coulter waters bok choy while, a few feet away in the same field, her intern, Lindsey Vinson plants cilantro.

    “It’s nice to plant something that smells so good!” the student says as she crouches in the dirt.

    Soon, they’re joined by Amy’s husband, Chris Coulter, whose mother, Gail Coulter, still owns most of the land for Coulter’s Good Earth Farm, a successful experiment in sustainable farming practices.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES; A whirlwind tour

    Via soccer, Haley Nelson has traveled a lot of miles and seen a lot of sights, but she’ll never forget her most recent foray deep into the heart of futbol’s European hotbed.

    Nelson, a sophomore at Bethlehem High School, recently returned from a nine-day trip to The Netherlands as part of Kentucky Youth Soccer’s U16-17 Olympic Development Program. It’s Nelson’s fifth year in the program and first time being selected to go overseas.


    Off of the long stretch of Louisville Road in Highgrove, right before leaving Nelson County is a small store that holds several antique items from big and bulky objects, such as trunks and closets, to smaller, more fragile items, such as glass bottles and ceramic dishes. 

    The name of the shop: Useful Things Antiques & Collectibles Store.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: Taste of home

    Bloomfield is 1,890 miles, by road, from the Veracruz, Mexico, but Luz Salazar and her family offer the tobacco workers who arrive in the area each April a taste of home.

    Luz, 39, manages La Veracruzana, a little Mexican restaurant and grocery near Main Street and Fairfield Road. In the winter, Bloomfield residents visit the diner, but during the growing season, they are joined by groups of hungry fieldworkers speaking Spanish.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES:Upward Soccer

    Despite the threat of rain, several local youngsters ran around the field at Bardstown United Methodist Church Second Campus on a dreary March morning. Some knew the rules, while others were still learning, but the game wasn’t about winning.

    Bardstown recently kicked off its first series of games for Upward Soccer this year. The teams, including kids from Pre-K to eighth grade, are part of Upward Sports, a Christian youth sports provider that was established in 1995.