People and Places

  • A Helping Hand

    Anyone visiting downtown St. Louis in the last few years may have seen a perplexing sight: a disproportionate number of T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing Bardstown’s name.

    That’s thanks to a Bardstown native who’s taken it upon himself to give St. Louis’ homeless more of what they really need, from basic toiletries to sturdy bags to clean clothes.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: A place to lay your head

    Jesus commands his followers to give of themselves to the poor numerous times throughout the Gospels.

    It’s a command a group of local artisans takes to heart then pours back out with every painstaking stroke as they guide their crochet hooks through loop after loop, chain after chain.

    “We didn’t realize there were that many people out there who were homeless,” said Linda Keeling on a January afternoon at First Cedar Creek Baptist Church as she neatly folded, cut, then tied together strip after strip of plastic grocery bags.

  • A Peaceful Rest

    Lucille Abell has a knack for making caskets for animals.

    It’s more of a hobby to Abell, who has been making them for about a year and a half with her husband, Allan, at their home in Bardstown. Lucille decorates the interiors of the caskets, embroiders the animal’s name on the interior and her husband helps construct some of the caskets. Lucille said her caskets have become popular among dog owners who want to bury their animal in a sturdy casket rather than a shoebox.

  • New Year’s Resolutions — elements of success

    A new year, a new day and new time to do something different.

    New Year’s Eve has always been the time for looking back at past mistakes and looking forward to a new year to make a positive change in your surroundings.

    Be it a personal goal, a project or reforming a bad habit, a resolution is a commitment you make and strive to complete.

    A change in daily life is usually construed as advantageous. A New Year’s resolution is normally a goal someone sets out to accomplish in the coming year.

  • Festive Flare

    The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without a certain amount of sensory overload. To ensure one has the proper amount of festive spirit, there are several noteworthy decoration homeowner displays in the area not to be missed.

    Brandy Burks decorated her front yard at 125 Kentucky Ave. with a large inflated Grinch in his Santa suit, Santa Claus himself riding a tractor and large snow globes.

  • The Best Christmas Present Ever

    Christmas presents often come wrapped-up in paper, in boxes, tied with bows. But according to the students at Bluegrass Christian Academy, the best Christmas present ever, is one that cannot be bought.

    For the past five weeks, students in preschool to the fifth grade have been rehearsing their roles for the school’s Christmas pageant, “The Best Christmas Present Ever,” subtitled, “Happy Birthday Jesus.”


    A little less than four years ago, Verlon Frazier Jr. retired from General Electric after more than 37 years and had some time on his hands.

    His wife, Jean, retired from state government service about the same time. She had always been a craftswoman, using her knack for crocheting to create little knick-knacks for sale. Verlon, however, had not quite found his hobby yet. So he started out with a 4 foott by 8 foot piece of plywood and just started creating, building a miniature village as landscape scenery for his HO scale model train set.

  • Strings Sing to Students

    In 2005, Bardstown Foundation for Excellence in Public Education began an after school strings program at Bardstown City Schools providing students with lessons and teachings with only a part-time instructor but now a strings class has been built into the school curriculum with a full-time orchestra teacher/conductor, Paola Land.

  • More than 30 years preserving records,making them more accessible

    After more than 30 years, dozens of books, and a couple hundred years of documentation, few know more about genealogical research than Celia Keeling. Yet for all the time she spends every week researching or volunteering in the Nelson County Public Library Genealogy Room or County Clerk’s Old Records Room, Keeling isn’t sure how much time she spends on her hobby. That’s because it’s just more fun than it is work.

  • When Heaven Hill Burned and Rose from the Ashes

    Slightly before 2 p.m. Nov. 7, 1996, the alarm rang out at the Bardstown Nelson County Fire Department. Deputy Chief Robbie Blanford, who was a major at the fire department at the time, thought it would be a routine run. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

    The caller reported seeing flames at Heaven Hill Distillery.

    “Then we started getting several calls,” Blanford said.