People and Places

  • ‘An amazing piece of the puzzle’

    April is Autism Awareness Month, and autism spectrum disorder is believed to affect 1 in 68 children in the United States. Every child with autism is affected differently.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: Clasically fit

    About three and a half years ago, topping out near 400 pounds, Michelle Gabbard, of Cox’s Creek, began her journey to health and fitness with an improved diet and exercise.

    Her struggle with weight didn’t begin until her late 20s.

    “We had a garden every year growing up and there was always an abundance of healthy fruits and vegetables, so I ate well,” Gabbard said.

    However, after continuously putting on the pounds, her mother encouraged her to get a physical.

  • FORECASTLE FESTIVAL 2017: Big crowds hit L’ville for annual festival

    Louisville’s Forecastle Festival, now in its 15th year, bucked the trend of declining attendance at summer concert festivals around the country during its annual gathering at Waterfront Park July 14-16.

    This year’s attendance fell in the festival’s targeted three-day range of about 60,000. It was a little short of last year’s record of 65,000, but still strong.

    Fans attending got to see a wide range of musical styles across five stages, as well as take in the festival’s hippie spirit of activism and environmental preservation.

  • WORTH THE WEIGHT: Local gym participates in nationwide Festivus Games

    I know a lot of my gladiators have been wondering where I’ve been this past year.

    I am still hanging out with my trainer Kerry “K.O.” Overfelt at Darkside Athletics. But there have been some new and improved changes not only in my appearance but in my regimen. At the beginning of the year the annual crossfit-style competition, Festivus Games was scheduled and I decided, along with a few more of my Angels and gym mates, to participate at Crossfit the Tracks in Erlanger this year.

    What is Festivus?

  • Keanu and Lakin


    Bardstown Tigers v. Nelson County Cardinals.

    Steelers v. Cowboys.

    U of L v. UK.

    It shouldn’t have happened, what with these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but the love story between Keanu Young and Lakin Walls has conquered all that stuff.

  • People & Places: 'You just finish'

    Grueling is how Dale Hill, of Bardstown, described his first ever Ironman triathlon event in Louisville.

    “It’s a lot more than just three disciplines,” Hill said. In addition to swimming, cycling and running, there was nutrition and mental preparation to consider as the day approached.

    “It was terrifying,” he said. “You’re nervous; scared. You’ve done the work and put the time in it.”

    At 46, Hill said he decided to try Ironman while he was still in a condition to do so.

  • Farmers Hall of Fame recognizes Buck Durbin

    Walter “Buck” Durbin grew up during the Depression. It was an era where all he had was his word, but that was enough.

    “If he said he was going to be somewhere, Daddy was there,” Lisa Barnes said of her father, who spent his life on a farm in Nelson County. 

    His passion for farming and years of hard work, up until his death in March 2014, prompted Durbin’s recognition last week in the Nelson County Farm Bureau’s Farmers Hall of Fame.

  • People and Places: Down on the Farm

    When walking toward the toward the horse stables of Little Haven Farm, one can hear the grunts of pigs, meows of cats and even the brays of donkeys. The five-acre farm, located on Stringtown Road off Bloomfield Road, takes in animals of all sorts and nurses them back to health.

    Letha Dewitt and her daughters, Olivia and Christy DeWitt Summitt, run the farm. The family has been helping animals for several years across Spencer, Nelson and Bullitt counties, but has only been at their current location for about a year and a half.

  • PEOPLE AND PLACES: The man behind the sport

    Weaving through the rooms of Houghlin Funeral Home in Bloomfield, crowds waited in line for hours to pay their respects to Marion Creech, a community icon and role model for many.

    “You could just sense and feel the amount of respect that so many people had for Marion,” and his wife, Judy, said Nelson County Extension Agent Ron Bowman, who delivered the eulogy at Creech’s funeral.

  • People and Places: A special invitation

    Bourbon connoisseurs with a passion for the ‘Bourbon Capital of the World’ will want to look for bourbon named after a local woman.

    Toogie’s Invitation is the third in a limited-edition collection of small batch bourbon being released by Jim Beam throughout the year.

    Toogie’s Invitation, named after Marilyn “Toogie” Dick, became available earlier this year. Dick is the owner of Kurtz Restaurant in Bardstown.