In the Kitchen

  • How to properly wash fruits and vegetables

    Unless you have grown a fruit or vegetable yourself, in your own organic veggie patch, I would hope that you’re giving your produce a good thorough wash before eating it.

    There are a couple of good reasons why you should be washing your fruits and vegetables — even organic produce.

  • Get kids involved in freezer meal prep


    As far as I’m concerned, basic kitchen skills are every bit as important to teach our children as are basic hygiene skills. We brush our teeth and wash our hands multiple times every day of our lives, and we also have to eat multiple times a day, every day of our lives. So, why is it that we don’t seem to put an emphasis on teaching our children basic kitchen skills at an early age?

  • Options to fight meal monotony

    Variety is the spice of life. There are more types of delicious nutritious foods and seasonings in the aisles of your local market than you could ever possibly count, so why eat the same thing over and over?

    If your family has indicated that they would prefer to eat something besides meatloaf and potatoes for dinner, you might be in a meal rut.

    Allow me to nudge you out of that rut with the following tips.

  • Seven fun and fast gluten-free breakfasts for you to try

    Over and over again, I hear people say, “But what will I eat for breakfast if I’m going gluten free?” OR “Gluten free fill-in-the-blank is so expensive!”
    My answer to both of these questions is, “Hold on, just wait a minute!” There are answers for you that won’t break the bank or cause you to hyperventilate, LOL.

  • 8 great (and healthy) homemade popsicles

    I am not a fan of stuffing children with sugar; therefore, my kids rarely got to indulge in traditional freezer pops many of us grew up with. (When you really break it down, those ice pops are essentially just frozen sugar water with chemicals on top.) But my kids did not suffer from the heat of summer without a chilling treat!

    Remember those Tupperware popsicle molds? Maybe you still have a set. During the summer, I always had those puppies in the freezer filled with healthy cool food alternatives to the sugar and food-dye laden pops in boxes.

  • Seven tricks to create healthy habits

    By Leanne Ely CNC/The Dinner Diva

    In case you haven’t heard, we have our brand new, absolutely amazing 21 Day Knockout happening right now. One of the best parts of these challenges, in my opinion, is the tremendous amount of support in our private Facebook group.

    One of our 30-day challengers posted about a simple little trick she started using to make her smoothies taste better d— at least in her mind! That little post of hers got me thinking about how easily we can trick ourselves into adopting a healthier habit.

  • Four tips to avoid going off track




  • How to reduce inflammation

    When most people think of inflammation, they think about swollen joints and arthritis.

    That said, limiting the amount of inflammation in your body might not be on your radar screen at all, especially if you don’t have joint problems. But inflammation is way more than arthritis, and reducing the amount of inflammation your body encounters should be on everyone’s radar.

  • Bottoms up for breakfast



    Taking care of ourselves is how we manage our health; there’s no other way around it. It may be a simple concept, but it’s overlooked every single day in favor of taking care of everyone and everything else. Just like breakfast. We skip breakfast thinking we don’t need it. We aren’t hungry — we just want our coffee and all will be right in our worlds. Or so we think.

    The problem is that nothing will be right in our worlds if we perpetually do this.

  • Food for thought: Cast your vote for cast iron

    If you feel that cooking in cast iron is more your grandmother’s speed than your own, you might want to rethink that out-dated belief.

    Cast iron is an efficient way to cook and it’s a healthy option, too.

    I think those old-fashioned cast iron skillets deserve a place in even the most modern of kitchens.