Bridal Fair

  • A Sampling of Wedding Traditions from Different Faiths

    From every religious perspective, the joining of a couple in matrimony is the celebration of a new and cherished stage in their lives — one that focuses on both the joys and responsibilities of building a life together. However, there are many wedding customs particular to each religious tradition that have endured over generations and continue to be an important part of marriage celebrations throughout the world.

  • 10 Trends for 'Green' Weddings

    Environmentally friendly ideals are now permeating all aspects of daily living. Many people want to take the concept further and ensure their nuptials — and subsequent reception — are good for the planet as well.

    Although there are no firm statistics on the number of green weddings being held each year, emerging trends point to the growing interest in eco-conscious weddings. Individuals who already do their best to recycle, reuse and reduce want to employ those same values on their wedding day.

  • Show is 1-4 p.m. Feb. 5

    With the approach of wedding season comes an enormous amount of planning. The last minute details can be daunting even to the most organized people. The Kentucky Standard’s annual Bridal Show will host an array of vendors who could help ease the stress of soon to be newlyweds.