Years ago in The Standard: 60 years ago - January 1951

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Five babies born at hospital before it officially opened

Although Flaget Memorial Hospital here was not scheduled to open officially until Jan. 8, five babies were born at the hospital the night of January 7—twin boys and three girls.

The first baby born in the new hospital was named Mary Flaget Cecil. The mother, Mrs. Betrand Cecil, New Haven, Route 1, was admitted to the hospital at 6:30 p.m. Sunday and the baby was delivered at 8:52 p.m. by Dr. Keith Crume.

At the suggestion of Sister Bridgid, superintendent of the hospital, Mother Bertand of Nazareth is giving to the first patient, Cecil, free hospital care.

The twins, who were named Benedict Joseph, after Bishop Flaget, and John Sebastian, were born at 11:40 and 11:45 p.m. Jan. 7 to Mrs. Charles R. Greenwell, Bardstown. The Sebastian is for Mother Ann Sebastian, former head of the Sister of Charity, who was greatly instrumental in pushing the hospital project to completion.

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BORN: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Raful Walker, Jan. 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Haydon, Jan. 2; Roger Eugene II to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cline, Dec. 20; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Blair, Jan. 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Thompson, Jan. 3. Gregory Allen to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gaffney, Jan. 4; Sandra Marie to Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Price, Jan. 6; Patricia Jean to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Piles, Dec. 21; Mary Etta to Mr. and Mrs. Othar Weir, Dec. 8; Katherine Louise to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Clark, Jan. 9; Mary Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Peotre Pantak, Jan. 6; Carolyn Faye to Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Snellen, Jan. 3; Ronald Philip to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Warren, Jan. 16; Ada Anna to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Coyle, Jan. 10; Mary Onita to Mr. and Mrs. Stafford Osborne, Jan. 14; Gerald Wayne to Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Florence, Jan. 14; Bernard Thomas to S/Sgt. Ben R. Adams and Mrs. Adams, Jan. 11; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reible, Jan. 14; Ronald Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watters, Jan. 6; Margaret Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Feliz Ball Jr., Jan. 7; John Bernard to Mr. and Mrs. J. Reuben Nalley, Jan. 5; Edgar Saltsman to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Willett, Dec. 30; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McNeil, Jan. 22; Gary Charles to Mr. and Mrs. James Miles, Jan. 23; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Hansford Milligan, Jan. 12.

MARRIED: Ramona Taylor to Tom Redmon, Dec. 23; Lorraine Thornsberry to Raymond Jones, Dec. 30; Evelyn Burns to Raymond Hutchins, date unknown; Agnita Mattingly to Marvin Greenwell, Dec. 30; Lucille Snyder to Harry Crowe, Jan. 2; Betty Greenwell to Ret. William Ballard, Dec. 22; Roberta Cambron to J.R. Durbin, Jan. 13; Trudy Atwell to Julian Dyer Jr., June 6; Jane Hayden to Joseph Clayton, Jan. 20; Birdie Thompson to Joseph Clark, Jan. 20; Doris Hudson to Aaron White, Jan. 11; Betty Smith to Sam Spalding, Jan. 13.

DIED: Frank Edwards, age unknown; Thomas Flahiff, 81; Mrs. James Ross, 78; Charles Wickliffe, 70; Beulah Hahn, 11; Emmerson Welch, 55; Joseph Culver, 71; J.D. O’Leary, 67; Mrs. W. A. Ice, 62; J.B. Bryant, 71; Robert Jones, 72; Sally Calvert, age unknown; Annie Derr, 71; E.L. Lyons, age unknown; George Duvall, 79; W.A. Smith, 73; Kate Blanford, 73; Mary Tomes, 84.