Winter weather warning

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As the first big snow of the year hits Nelson County, the National Weather Service is warning of more.


As of Wednesday, Nelson County was among several counties in Indiana and Kentucky in the path of a winter storm system that dropped snow on the area throughout the morning.

According to an NWS advisory, a winter storm watch is issued in the area for Thursday night through late Friday night or early Saturday morning, and will likely bring snow accumulations, resulting in hazardous road conditions.

Monitor updates and advisory changes from NWS at forecast.weather.gov


NWS recommends precaution, safety

The National Weather Services says to have an emergency supply kit in motor vehicles before storms, in case of road closures and other issues. The kit should include first aid kit, jumper cables, a spare tire, cell phone charger, water, snacks, warm clothing, a flashlight, snow shovel and brush, blankets, towrope, sand or cat litter and flares. One should also have a full tank of gas. Similar kits should also be prepared for the home, in the event of a power outage or entrapment because of ice and snow.

Pets should also be brought indoors, or warm, safe and secure shelter should be provided, along with food and fresh water. Extra pet food should be on hand as well. Be sure to monitor outdoor pets' water to make sure it isn't frozen.

If caught outside in a winter storm, find shelter, melt snow for drinking water (unmelted snow will lower your body temperature) and exercise to keep blood circulating.

If driving, pay attention to road conditions and go slow. If visibility is impaired because of winter weather, pull over until precipitation lessens.

After winter weather concludes, check the home and vehicles for any damage, and contact family or isolated neighbors to make sure they are safe. Continue to monitor weather patterns and warnings.

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