Voters bid good riddance to Election 2016

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By Trey Crumbie

 Nelson County voters turned out in droves on Election Day with a high voter turnout predicted by midday, but many held bitterness about this year’s election cycle and doubted it would end when the polls closed.

Roger Crady, who lives outside the Bardstown city limits, had strong opinions about the Bardstown City Council race.

“I just wish I could vote for the Bardstown (city) council,” he said. “So screwed up here in Bardstown with the mayor and all that crap.”

Crady cited several reasons why he was concerned with Bardstown Mayor John Royalty and the city council, including friction between the Bardstown Police Department and the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office and a prior dispute between the city and county governments over dispatch funding.

“The city police lost an excellent chief of police,” he said, referring to Rick McCubbin. “You got a mayor here that’s ‘my way or the highway.’ Vindictive.“

Crady called the presidential race “sad.”           

“I’ve got a son living in Germany and he says they just shake their head and pretty much laugh,” he said.

According to an August article in USA Today, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton were the two most unpopular presidential candidates in more than 30 years of ABC News/Washington Post polling. Both candidates have been in the news recently for controversial scandals, such as Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State and Trump making lewd comments about women during a recorded conversation in 2005.

Crady voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, saying he was the better choice.

“I couldn’t bring myself (to vote) for Trump,” he said. “Didn’t like Hillary.”

Crady was unhappy Johnson did not participate in any of the presidential debates.

Randall Burba, who voted in Bardstown, said the city council race was a “mess.”

“It’ll be a mess when it’s over, probably.” he said. “They’re just going to have work with a mayor that they’re not crazy about.”

Burba was also unhappy with the presidential candidates.

“Whichever one wins, it’s going to be a tough four years for Congress and for most people in the United States,” he said.

Vivian Fleenor, who voted in Bardstown, said she was fed up with the negativity in a few campaigns, such as with the presidential and the 9th Congressional District race in Indiana.   

“Some of those commercials on TV have been driving me insane,” she said. “I mean, the same commercial, three, four times in a row and it’s all negative.”

Fleenor had similar opinions on the affairs of Bardstown City Council and the mayor.

“There’s been a lot of negativity,” she said “I can’t recall that happening before.”

On a more positive note, Fleenor said the turnout for Tuesday’s election was great.

“I’ve been doing kids voting down in New Haven and I got there a quarter till six this morning and there was already a huge line outside,” she said.

In Bloomfield, Gloria Nethery said this presidential election has been different than past ones.

“This has been the worst one, I’ve ever seen,” Gloria Nethery said.

Alice Blackwelder, another voter who cast her vote in Bardstown, called this year’s election cycle “disgusting.”

“Just too many bad things said on both parties,” she said. “I’m glad it’s over.”