Trailer theft leaves local archery kids without equipment

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Help from area schools, groups allowing kids to compete in tournament

With the National Archery in Schools Program Kentucky Region 5 Tournament less than two weeks away, the All Saints Archery Club has been working hard to prepare, but a recent theft has left them without their equipment.


The group’s trailer, which stored the equipment when it wasn’t being used during Monday practice, was stolen from the St. Gregory parking lot on Friday.

“We didn’t realize it had been stolen until we received a phone call from the sheriff’s office,” said archery coach Jennifer Lyvers.

The trailer was recovered Saturday, reportedly found abandoned in a subdivision in Bullitt County.

But while the trailer has been recovered, most of its contents have not.

Some targets and nets were still inside the trailer, Lyvers said, but 15 bows, including those for both right and left-handed archers, as well about 200 arrows, cases, dollies and other equipment are all gone.

“About a dozen of our kids do not have their own bows,” Lyvers said. That means the theft greatly impacts the archers’ ability to practice and compete.

Fortunately, she said, area schools, organizations and anonymous helpers have come together to lend equipment to the team so that it can still take part in the upcoming tournament.

“Our practices are going to be a little bit less than normal, but we are going to make it through and make it work,” Lyvers said. “We are going to press on, because we have to.”

The archers and their families have also been helping the cause, keeping an eye out for any equipment in the area that comes up for sale. Lyvers said each of the stolen bows have serial numbers engraved on them. It’s likely, she said, that someone may try to sell the items online, at a yard sale or at a flea market, so they are keeping an eye out for any suspicious items.

While no suspects or leads in the theft have been identified, Lyvers and others with the program are working to make sure the kids have equipment.

“I was contacted by our Kentucky NASP director, Lisa Frye, and they are working very hard to get some bows back in here,” Lyvers said.

The All Saints Archery Club is made of 27 students from St. Gregory and St. Joseph schools and ranges from fifth grade to eighth grade.

Cooper Lyvers, 12, joined the Archery Club last year because he had siblings taking part in the activity. It has been something he has enjoyed and the theft was shocking.

“I just think it is silly someone would do that,” he said.

Coach Lyvers said the trailer has been parked in the lot at the school for years without issue, and was locked and chained prior to the theft.

While they still hope to recover the stolen equipment, the archers won’t let the theft keep them from practicing for the tournament.

“We are very fortunate that area schools have all been very generous in offering assistance,” Lyvers said. “I just can’t say enough nice things about our NASP family.”