Students named to WKU spring 2018 honors list

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The following Western Kentucky University students from the Nelson County area were named to the Dean’s and President’s lists for the spring 2018 semester.

Full-time undergraduate students with a semester grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 are named to the Dean’s List. Students with a GPA of 3.8 to 4.0 are named to the President’s List. Their names are marked with an asterisk (*).


From Bardstown:

Bailee E. Correro*

John M. Haydon*

Lillian B. Harned

Seth T. Mcdowell*

Emma V. Manley

William J. Newton*

Mackenzie N. Lynch

Catherine G. Metcalf

Hannah M. Gribbins*

Kimberly M. Helton

Kaila M. Coots

John T. Harrell*

James P. Wimsett*

Julia E. Taylor*

Madison M. Taylor

Kelly E. Fenwick

Megan E. Hayden

William L. Kelley*

Megan R. Williams

Lesley A. Downs*

Nathaniel J. Broell*

Haley J. Abell*

Sarah B. Starkey

Allison K. Tucker*

William A. Geoghegan*

Joseph E. Clark

Sierra N. Boone

Joshua K. Cecil

Jake A. Yates

Mercedes A. Elder*

Wendy M. Cecil

Elexus K. Peake*

John T. Young*

Casel D. Billings

Joseph N. Mattingly

Corey D. Robinson

Sereniti J. Coulter*


From Bloomfield:

David C. Filiatreau

Rebecca L. Filiatreau

Morgan D. Lamkin*

Daniel G. Spalding

Richard P. Carwile

Cory B. Rogers*


From Buckner:

Caleb S. Strunk

Katherine B. Church*

Alexander M. Houlton*

Micaela B. Olsen

Jaxon M. Lashley

Andrew R. Kaelin*

William G. Powers*


From Coxs Creek:

Emily M. Cox

Jarod F. Thurman

Erika D. Clark*

Amanda J. Thurman*

Kathryn A. Wimsett

Laryn J. Hilderbrandt


From Fairfield:

Audrey L. Coomes*


From New Haven:

Molly P. Kennedy*

From New Hope:

Collette A. Jolley*


From Boston:

Alyssa N. Buchner*