Rogers documentary to air Aug. 11

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Six-part series to touch on other Bardstown unsolved crimes

By Staff


 Bardstown and some of its mysteries are set to air before a national TV audience in a couple weeks as part of a six-hour series.

Oxygen Media’s six-part series will begin airing Saturday, Aug. 11, at 7 p.m. with a two-hour premiere.

The series is titled “The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers,” and a press release announcing the airdate tagged the series as one diving “head first into the unnerving and complex story of a small town shrouded in secrets.”

The series features Rogers in the title and focuses on the Ballard family’s search for their daughter and the apparent assassination of her father, Tommy Ballard. But a two-minute trailer released along with the announcement alludes to other recent crimes in Bardstown that remain unsolved, including the 2013 murder of Bardstown Policeman Jason Ellis and the double murder of mother and daughter Kathy and Samantha Netherland in 2014.

The trailer shows a Kentucky State Police Trooper saying “there are a lot of people who think they are all absolutely connected” before it cuts to a scene of a woman saying “There is something evil in that town.”

A film crew was in town for several months last summer and fall filming interviews with families, area residents and officials. The series has two hosts, Dwayne Stanton, a retired homicide detective and Stephanie Bauer, an “investigative reporter,” who are cast as investigating the murders.

During an interview last November with former Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly that The Standard sat in on, the hosts mentioned conducting their own investigation and intimated they had found possible evidence that the police might have overlooked.

The series is the third installment of a “Disappearance of …” franchise that previously touched on cases surrounding Natalee Holloway and Maura Murray, according to the release.

A preview of the series can be viewed on oxygen.com.

Rogers, a mother of five, disappeared over the July 4 holiday in 2015 and her live-in boyfriend, Brooks Houck, has since been named a suspect in her disappearance, but no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made in connection to her case.