Public Record-Zoning permits-Sept. 6, 2018

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Zoning permits for Aug. 7-24

Joyce Curtsinger, 8370 Highgrove Road, interior renovations to remodel existing home.

Michael Paul Donahue, Borders Lane, 30’ x 40’ barn.

Michael Paul Donahue, Borders Lane, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Christopher S Hurst, Hibbs Lane, 255’ cell tower and a 75’ x 75’ fenced compound Site No. KYL01205.

Alvin Burton, 4425 Louisville Road, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Sidney Culver and Blake Mattingly, Icetown Road, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Kurt Spalding, Fogle Road, 32’ x 40’ barn.

William and Cecilia Coomes, 127 Sunset Drive, 12’ x 12’ sunroom addition onto rear of the house with 4’ x 10’ ramp.

J.R. Royalty Real Estate and Dev. Inc. Lorenza Circle, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

David R. Frye, 5501 Buchannan Boulevard, 8’ x 40’ storage container (shipping container).

David Spalding, 41 Ureka Drive, interior alterations to remove and replace drywall and remodel interior and replace exterior siding.

Cindy Holton, 149 S. Main Street, interior alteration (adding interior wall).

Till Ballard, 107 Southfork Trail, detached conventional single-family dwelling.

Barbara Biven, 5621 Yates Cooney Neck Road, 40’ x 60’ garage.

Kreso Properties, LLC, 204 N. Third St., interior alteration only (plumbing, electric, HVAC).

Theresa Cissell, 979 Frost Ave., interior/exterior alterations of existing salon space.

Bardstown Independent Schools, 400 N. Fifth St., 18’ x 33’ softball bleachers per submitted site plan.

Thomas and Laura Johnson, 1691 Irish Ridge Road, 28’ x 16’ barn with 16’ x 32’ attached open lean-to.

Matthew McGinnis, 344 Petersburg Road, 8’x10’ open deck addition and 7’x20’ chicken coop.

Salsman and Greenwell LLC, 2911 Pin Oak Drive, conventional detached single-family dwelling to replace existing home destroyed by fire (95-642).

Making Good Scentz LLC, 123A N. Third St., change of use from apartment to short term rental.

Whiskey Springs Land Co., Peabody Loop, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Whiskey Springs Land Co., Santa Fe Court, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Todd and Kim Pitman, 1036 Riverbrooke Drive, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Jeff Stone, 1027 Heritage Drive, 350 square-foot uncovered deck addition.

Jessica Gies, 134 Peabody loop, 8’x10’ storage shed.

Joshua Whitehouse, 993 Ritchie Lane, 16’x16’ animal shelter.

Brandon and Calli Cox, Leonard Hall Road, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

David Houk, 153 Peabody Loop, 32’x30’ detached garage.

Evan Kulsveen, 216 West Flaget, roof replacement only.

Eric and Paula Geihs, 59 Grant Ave., 12’x16’ shed.

Paul Draper, 114 Locust Grove Court, 24’x36’ detached metal building.

Larry Bowman, 335 T Hahn Road, 30’x40’ barn.

Ryan Roby, 1527 Plum Run Road, 30 foot above-ground pool with 500 square-foot deck.

Domino Properties Bardstown LLC, 426 Sutherland Drive, temp tents per site plan.

Marshall Tingle, 115 Fairfield Hill Road, change of use from service station to restaurant.

Jacqueline Caldwell, 2005 Murrays Run Road, 876 square-foot porch and carport additions per site plan.

Graham Hubbell, 112 Creel Lane, 24’x57’ pole barn.

Mike Brothers, Boston Road, 48’x88’ pole barn.

James T. and Alyson Roby, 1178 Plum Run Road, change from single-family dwelling to short-term rental.

Sally and Derik Agusta, 3073 Pottershop Road 30’x54’ pole barn with a 10’x64’ open lean-to and demo of existing barn.

Sally and Derik Agusta, 3073 Pottershop Road, room additions and interior alterations per site plan.

Rachel Miller, 103 E. Stephen Foster Ave., 2-30’x40’ event tents.

Sherry Burden, 1128 Foxfire Drive, 10’x16’ storage shed.

Jim and Jackie Summers, 101 Lookout Court, 12’x16’ shed.

Theresa Burgin, 464 King Road 7’x20’ storage addition onto existing lean-to shed.

Jesse Goff, Murphy Lane, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Peggy Theineman, 315 Colonel Cox Road South, 900 square-foot greenhouse No. 3.

Rodney Kevin Hodge, 1427 Ed Brent Road, 30’x36’ garage addition onto existing garage.

Christy Dykes, 803 Kurtz Ave., interior alterations to single-family dwelling (updating electrical and adding bathroom).

Whiskey Springs Land Co., 153 Chesapeake Trail, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

Steven Lane, 3502 Donna Lane, 24’x16’ addition onto rear of existing 24’x46’ detached garage.

Nolen Messaroni, 775 Hardin Leslie Road, 40’x50’ detached garage with a left and right 12’x50’ open lean-to.