Child had minor injury in bus accident

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By Randy Patrick

One child received a bump on the head and was taken by his parents to the local hospital for evaluation.

“My phone has been blowing up,” Todd Hood, transportation director for the Bardstown School District, said after false reports of serious school bus accidents spread throughout the community Wednesday morning.

Hood said there was one bus that was stopped to turn on Fourth Street and got rear-ended by a pickup truck that skidded in the snow, and two other buses that got stuck in the snow, but were able to get moving again.

“We have no buses turned over,” none off the road and on kids sent to the hospital, he said. “No one was hurt.”

“They are at school and are safe,” he said of the schoolchildren.

That afternoon, however, he said he and other school officials had learned that had child had a knot that came up on his head, and his parents took him to Flaget Memorial Hospital to have it looked at. He had not heard anything else about the child’s condition.

Todd said the bad road conditions were unexpected. Beginning Tuesday night and continuing well into Wednesday morning, there was heavy snowfall, but the streets were not hazardous.

“I was out at 5:45 or 6,” Hood said, and the snow was melting on the roads, but “around 7, it hit” and the streets and roads became slippery. But by that time, the buses were already out.

The buses were unable to make runs in some neighborhoods, such as Woodlawn.

Hood said he and other school officials are assessing the situation and will decide whether to send the students home in the afternoon.

Nelson County Schools called off classes because of the weather.

 “There have been quite a few accidents that have been called in,” Bardstown Police Chief Kim Kraeszig said late Wednesday morning.

At 10:30, there had been one injury and 10 non-injury accidents reported in the city limits.

“We’ve had lots of slide offs,” she said. “It’s still coming down, and it looks like there’s going to be more snow.”

She advised that people stay off the streets and roads if they don’t have to go anywhere.

Sheriff Mike Newton said the weather wasn’t bad at all when he left New Haven for work in the morning, and around Culvertown, cars were passing a car that was going about 45 mph. But when he got to Bardstown’s city limits, the road conditions had gotten bad. He said that on Springfield Road (U.S. 150), there was a semi blocking the road around Bardstown Auto and another truck stuck in the road in Botland. He said his officers were also working an accident at Chaplin. But he didn’t know of any injuries.

“I haven’t heard of anything major at this point. It’s just gridlock,” he said.