New Haven Commissioners’ June meeting rescheduled for Wednesday

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After last minute absences left only one commissioner present at Thursday’s regular monthly meeting of the New Haven Board of Commissioners, Mayor Jeff Rogers has called a special meeting for 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 21.

Commissioner Joe Larry Mattingly was the only one sitting at the leadership’s table Thursday night, accompanied in the room only by City Clerk Joanie Corbin and Fire Chief Freddy DeWitt.

The group waited until the 6 p.m. sirens had sounded before officially declaring a lack of a quorum.

According to the Kentucky League of Cities, a city’s legislative body can only take action if a quorum exists, meaning the majority of members are present. Without a quorum, the meeting cannot officially take place.

Some of the items originally on Thursday’s agenda included reviewing the city’s professional code of conduct and holding second readings for the 2017-2018 budget, a budget amendment and an amendment to pay classification.

Those items and others will now be discussed Wednesday.

A commissioner or the mayor has been absent from city meetings before for various reasons, including a few times this year, but DeWitt, a former commissioner, could not specifically recall an occurrence when a quorum was not met and the meeting had to be postponed. 

According to Corbin, one absence was due to illness, another for a planned trip, a third for an unexpected trip and the fourth for knowledge that a quorum would not be met with the aforementioned absences.