Mayor mum as investigation report released

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By Forrest Berkshire, Editor

Bardstown Mayor John Royalty was absent when a 44-page report that largely reads as an indictment of abuse of power during his tenure as mayor was released Tuesday night, and has been mostly silent since.

He informed PLG-TV News 13 prior to Tuesday night’s meeting he would not be attending. He said there was a family member who had an emergency at a Louisville hospital, and he needed to be there.

“Would not be back till the meeting well underway and really could not listen to the mules. It’s just personal and racism,” he texted.

But he sent a short official statement to PLG’s Matthew Fogle before the report was made public or had been made available to him.

“Just so it’s clear I’m not scared of this council and my conscious (sic) is clear and no wrong has been committed,” he wrote. “I have made changes some people may not like but was necessary to move this city forward.”

On Tuesday night, Kentucky Standard reporter Randy Patrick texted Royalty to ask if he wanted to talk about the report and the council’s decision. He replied with two words: “No surprise.” Patrick then asked again if he wanted to talk or if that was going to be his only response, and he did not answer.

On Wednesday, in a brief phone interview, Royalty told Fogle that he would not be making any public statements, on the advice of his attorney, Jason Floyd.

News 13 reporter Matthew Fogle contributed to this report.