LETTER: Bill creates no added ‘burdens or costs’

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To the editor,

As expected whenever one sees an anti-gun opinion article in today’s media, that article is full of false assumptions, false facts and emotionalism.

To begin with, the entire article clearly makes the insulting assumption that those (proven) honest citizens who obtain concealed carry permits are dangerous, incompetent, malevolent, or all three.

According to data from Texas and Florida (states with some of the largest numbers of citizens exercising their constitutional right of self-protection), holders of concealed carry permits are from six to 10 times less likely than police officers to commit a crime.

In addition, as more and more citizens (over 15 million at present) have obtained concealed carry permits, the rate of violent crime has declined dramatically in those states allowing this right.

Furthermore, practically all mass shootings occur in politically created “gun free zones,” which attempt to prevent simply allowing authorized persons to have the weapons there that they carry practically everywhere else in our society, while doing nothing to prevent someone intent on harm from doing so.

Allowing permitted persons to have their weapons in schools does not constitute any threat to our children and would without a doubt discourage others intent on harm.

Senate Bill 249 does not require anyone uncomfortable with weapons to have them, but permits those qualified to do so. Allowing school boards to emotionally create more arbitrary standards does not increase safety.

There are no additional “security” issues presented by concealed carry permit holders, and alleged insurance issues are red herrings as the facts clearly demonstrate that risk is reduced by not creating “gun-free zones.”

There are no “added burdens or costs” to our schools from the enactment of SB 249.


Ronald D. Weddle, M.D.