KORT Rehab showcases new sports technology

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Sensors, tests help prevent athletic injury

KORT Rehab is looking to help athletes prevent injuries, improve performance and recover faster with new sports technology. During a demonstration last week, the rehab center in Bardstown unveiled dorsaVi, a wireless wearable sensor system that measures how the body moves during certain physical activity.

“We put these sensors on our athletes and go through a series of tests, and because of this, we get really reliable and accurate data,” said Elliot Mattingly, a physical therapist with KORT in Bardstown.

The test can determine if the user has any factors that predispose them to an ACL tear or another injury. Looking at how the knee moves during certain exercises or where weakness occurs most can help physical therapists and athletic trainers create a more personalized plan to improve those issues, as the sensors provide better information than simple visual observation. The test is also designed to fatigue the user, as injuries are more likely to occur after an athlete has been active for a while.

Mattingly said dorsaVi is the only FDA-approved wearable sensor technology on the market and as select KORT locations offer the system, it provides an additional service to clients.

“This brings our biomechanics lab into our own clinic here in Bardstown,” he said.

He demonstrated the system for guests last week, wearing the sensors on his lower back and legs and going through the tests, after which his results were displayed on a screen. In addition to showing issues that could lead to injury, the system can also be used help athletic trainers and therapists determine how quickly an athlete can return to play after suffering an injury.

“We are trying to prevent ACL injuries, and then if somebody does have an injury, we can use it to help them recover faster,” Mattingly said.

The tests can also help improve overall physical performance, including speed and endurance, by indicating the movements and exercises with which an athlete most struggles.

DorsaVi tests and the six-week program at KORT should be covered by insurance for those who have an injury or chronic condition, but a cash-based payment plan is also available for those wishing to take part in the testing and program to improve performance. For additional information, visit www.dorsavi.com or contact the Bardstown KORT office, (502) 349-6961.