House near Hobbs Lane burns down

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By Randy Patrick

Rachel Goodpaster stood watching, grief-stricken, as her home burned down Friday morning.

She and Darryl Goodpaster were both at work when the house at 74 Gambrell Lane that they rented from Clifford Gambrell went up in flames. She had left for her job around 4 a.m. and he had left the house about 6 or 6:30, she said.

Chief Billy Mattingly of Nelson County Fire and Rescue said E-911 Dispatch got the call around 10 when someone spotted the smoke with binoculars.

Firefighters arrived within minutes, but a firefighter radioed back to say the structure was “fully involved.”

Mattingly said when he got there, the part of the house that was one-story was “already on the ground,” and a two-story part in back was in flames.

Northeast Nelson Fire also responded and Bardstown Fire offered to assist but weren’t needed by the time the other firefighters were on the scene.

The house was on a private road a good distance from the main road, Hobbs Lane, which runs off of Fairfield Road near U.S. 31E.

Tanker trucks hauled water from near a church at the intersection of Hobbs and Fairfield.

Goodpaster said she didn’t know what might have caused the blaze, but Mattingly said there was a pickup truck loaded with firewood next to the house.

Mattingly said a dog didn’t make it out of the fire, but said a bulldog escaped with burns. He didn’t know how many dogs there were.

There were no people at home when it happened.

Nelson County EMS had an ambulance on standby, and Chaplain Eldon Morgan was there, along with someone from Salt River Electric to disconnect the electricity and someone from North Nelson Water District.