Hepatitis A vaccination recommended for Nelson Co. residents

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Due to an ongoing outbreak of hepatitis A, Lincoln Trail District Health Department has issued a recommendation for all residents in Nelson County to seek vaccination. A total of 674 cases of hepatitis A have been reported in Kentucky. A total of eight cases of hepatitis A have been reported in Nelson County during the past 100 days, meeting the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s criteria for issuing a recommendation for vaccination of all residents.

“Lincoln Trail District Health Department strongly encourages all residents of Nelson County to seek vaccination. Those most at-risk include incarcerated populations, homeless populations, illicit drug using populations, men who have sex with men, international travelers, expected contacts to international adoptees within the first 60 days of the U.S. arrival and those in contact with at risk populations.

Contact of the at-risk populations would include any individuals who have occupations or volunteer roles that include responsibilities requiring frequent (i.e., more than one time per month) contact with these populations or family members of individuals who are included in these populations.

If you have insurance, please consult with your primary care provider, in-network provider or local pharmacy for administration of the hepatitis A vaccine.

LTDHD will be holding a vaccine clinic for the uninsured/underinsured on June 14 from noon to 4:30 p.m. at the Nelson County Civic Center.

Take steps to protect yourself against hepatitis A infection. This includes using proper hand washing before and after eating.

“The best way to prevent hepatitis A infection is to get vaccinated” said Sara Jo Best, Lincoln Trail District Health Department Public Health Director.