Former fire chief returns to Florida

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By Randy Patrick

Bardstown police have made contact with former Fire Chief Randy Walker’s wife, who confirmed that they are moving back to Florida.

Walker still had not talked with anyone in city government himself as of late Thursday afternoon.

“Personally, we’d all kind of like to know the reason,” Mayor Dick Heaton said.

Walker left town sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning. He left a note in Human Resource Director Greg Ashworth’s mailbox at City Hall saying that he was resigning immediately and he would find all his city-issued property in his office.

He gave no explanation, and Ashworth had no other number for him, so he drove to his house and learned he had moved out.

Police were able to reach Walker’s wife because she was listed as his emergency contact, but she had not returned an earlier call.

Heaton has left messages for Walker, through his wife, to call him when it’s convenient.

Heaton said the wife, whose name he doesn’t know, said Walker was already in Florida.

Walker had been the fire chief at Palm Beach Shores when former Mayor John Royalty hired him in November 2015. He took office in January of last year.

He is originally from Louisa, Ky., and had previously worked for several other fire departments, including in Morehead and Ashland.

Heaton is in the process of selecting a search committee to consider fire chief candidates and said he should have it in place by the middle of this week.