END GAME: Nelson County Clerk's Call To Duty


Surely you are aware of my Open Records investigation into my missing Election Officer Sheriff's Reports. 

I filed two of these Sheriff's Reports...about a year apart...2011 and 2012...at the end of that year's Election Day...signed and dated, just like I'm supposed to.  Each included brief details of my complaint, along with my email address, for future correspondence. 

But, officially, I've heard nothing...and dat' ain't right. 

Something must be broken. 

You will recall, I followed up on the first missing report...one that was specifically addressed to Secretary of State Trey Grayson...by confronting you, months later.  At that time, you seemed to brush off the importance of that document, indicating your near certainty that the Secretary never received the message. 

Say what? 

As I recall, you stated that I wasn't supposed to have written what I wrote...which I countered with...'where's it say I wasn't supposed to write what I wrote'?

[Hey, I'm trying to be easy to get along with, here...just sortin' thru the political bullsh!t in search of some pertinent facts!]

You promised that you could show me...something(?)...to support your position, but thus far, you've failed to deliver and I still haven't received any formal acknowledgement from either of my complaint(s).  From that, all that I can conclude is, someone has willfully interfered with official government communications...gotten caught...and is now attempting to cover their own tracks by simply ignoring the problem...and I'll have none of that! 

An Election Board can't bury a Sheriff's Report!  What good would that report be...if the next joker higher up in the political deck got to quietly squash it...unbeknownst to Higher-Ups and the General Public, alike...without fear of any repercussions?  No.  I'm afraid that when a Sheriff's Report turns up with a complaint written upon it...sumpin's gonna' happen...whether the home-town cronies, like it, or not! 

I suggested, quite some time ago, that the Secretary of State should be made aware of this situation, but you declined to contact her, suggesting instead that I, myself, contact the Secretary, not you, since I was the one filing the complaint. 

Not a problem. 

Since that sacred, but totally ineffective Sheriff's Report was being given all the respect of an outhouse corn cob...instead of being treated like the emergency flare that it was always intended to be...I opted to contact the Secretary of State via the State's hi-tech website...open 24/7 by 365...and again, I left a concise complaint against The Kentucky Standard for the political censorship of an Election Officer, along with my return email address...and was given assurances by that receiving computer that someone would be made aware of my submission...but there's been no human response. 

Apparently, that over-priced communcations system has failed, as well. 

Imagine that! 

Now I'm acutely aware that no one in Ky. Government is properly responding...which is regrettable, since I want...and intend to have...this matter properly resolved.  Inform the Election Board!  Whispering [and giggling] amongst yourselves...behind closed doors...dismissing my complaint...deciding to do nothing publicly in consideration of this matter, will not to be sufficient. 

It's as simple as this... 

I submitted my complaint upon a government form, properly signed and dated.  I will expect a proper reply, in kind.

...so just do your job and properly process those reports!  Then, let's just wait and see what happens when those reports are correctly handled! 

If you can get the Secretary of State to confirm your assertions that 'The State is not interested in hearing any of this' by jotting that simplistic statement down upon official State stationery...mebbe' putting the Kentucky State Seal upon it with the Governor's proud signature...I'd take that response as my prize.  But I will not abide by some clandestine decision...having been made by a [possibly] corrupt Election Board...to verbally reprimand me...in whispers...for attempting to use my report to disclose dirty deeds being done by the local newspaper...and then, have you expect me to go along with that decision...good ol' boy-style...quietly letting the matter die, and everyone off the hook, without getting any of it in writing! 

Let's keep it real here folks!  That ain't happenin'.  I was of sound mind and body when I wrote these offenders up...and this is not a drill.  This State has a serious problem when they knowingly allow the News Media to censor its Election Officers.  We are the watchdogs, over-seeing the entire voting process...and if The Media is going to censor me for eloquently speaking out on voting issues, you're gonna' be reading about it on my Sheriff's Report. 

So deal with it! 

Attorney General Jack Conway's man...the Unknown Enforcer...who assured me, on Election Day, at my precinct, that I wasn't supposed to have written what I wrote...is on the same hook as you. 

I sorta' miss the guy and didn't mind listening to him growl and grumble about what I wrote... 

[Intimidation...makes me smile, really] 

...but, to substantiate things, I just want my own copy of his rant...in writing. 

Perhaps you two could mount a coordinated effort towards clearing up this matter...if Conway's office will only surrender this spokesperson's name!  But, so far, Mister "X" appears to have gone into hiding...and The Attorney General's Office?  Well they ain't talkin'. 

Sadly, these days, "Playin' Dumb" is "The Standard Code of Conduct" for most of our representative government...evidently, because they do it so convincingly well. 

And, I'm still waiting for my copy of the Election Officer's Email list.  I know the list exists because that info is requested...in writing...before each meeting...in the attendance confirmation paperwork...so how 'bout forwarding me a copy of those names?  I may want to organize a union, or something. 

And...how in the hail did Lisa Tolliver go from being the Gnat-see newspaper editor, at the very center of this controversy...to being another well-paid, nay I say, over-paid State worker for the Transportation Cabinet...after the Governor had warned everybody of employee cutbacks...furloughs...and hiring freezes? 

Sumpin's fishy and I wanna' know who vouched for her. 

Please respond immediately with your latest informational update concerning my Open Records Investigation into these missing reports.  These emails are being publicly posted in The Readers Forums->Government Section of the KYStandard online...for the sake of full public disclosure...and appear to be drawing some interest... 


...as a matter of Public Record. 

Who knows?  There may yet, still be, some hope left, for a Free Kentucky...a place where an Election Officer can be granted newspaper space for 700 unencumbered political words, without fear of censorship or reprisal. 

See you in the funny papers...

Joe O'Bryan
Election Officer Sheriff
Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Carbon Copied To These Folks...

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