END GAME: Extending a welcome to Senator Rand Paul


As many of you already know, in addition to the writing I do whilst trapped inside this virtual prison, there are "underground" emails being sent to Powerful People all across the State.

In my Open Records Investigation into Censorship and Corruption, you'll get to see all of 'em. But for now, rest assured...the missiles are flying...and here's a quick glimpse at what's going on in the background...just to keep you interested.

Sent: Friday, February 14, 2014
From: Joe O'Bryan - Election Officer Sheriff
To: Jimmy Brooks

Bourbon Boy,

We so rarely chat anymore...

I couldn't help but notice that you're entertaining Rand Paul this morning, there at the microphone...but I can't be there to call in...and I still don't have his email address.

Could you be a dear, if not informative newsman, and forward this message along to the esteemed Senator?

As you can see, my demonstration against the censorship of any and all Election Officers is progressing...and it was always my intent to attract The President's attention. Obama's, that is. Now, as Fate would have it...The Secretary of State is hosting Mr. President Bill Clinton, later this month, at one of her fund-raisers.

Now, if Rand Paul could tip-off Alisson Lundergan-Grimes about the on-going political censorship of one of her best Election Officers...during The President's tour to grub up some campaign money...well I think that would be real swell.

I may get to meet TWO Presidents getting this horrendous scandal resolved!

How neat is that?

Joe O'Bryan
Election Officer Sheriff
Commonwealth of Kentucky

Subject: END GAME: Freedom Of Information Act Request...follow up.
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014

From: Joe'Bryan - Election Officer Sheriff
To: The Office of The Attorney General

As per your instructions...

"From: Attorney General (KYOAG)
To: Joe O'Bryan

Subject: END GAME: Freedom Of Information Act Request

Thank you for your message to Attorney General Jack Conway regarding the Open Records/Open Meetings Act.

All Open Records requests to the Attorney General's Office must contain an original signature. Please put your request into letter format and send to the below address.

Office of the Attorney General
Attn: Open Records
700 Capitol Avenue,
Suite 118 Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Again, thank you for writing to General Conway."

...this task has been completed.

Two printed copies, with my signature attached, were mailed out of Bardstown on 2/3/2014, one to the State Attorney General, and the other to the FCC in Washington D.C.

They were sent using standard postage rates...Not sent as "Registered" nor "Certified".

Please acknowledge your delivery of said parcel via return e-mail here, as well as any suggestions towards how I might best proceed in assisting you in this broad-ranging Open Records Act Investigation.


Joe O'Bryan
Election Officer Sheriff
Commonwealth of Kentucky.