END GAME: Is that Dawne Gee a'TroubleShootin' At Me?

Gee Dawne Gee, 

As one of WAVE-TV3's most-impressive "Trouble-Shooting News Team", you broke "radio silence" from the rest of the stinkin' ranks in KY TV/Media, and responded from the Carbon-Copied Reader's Gallery within 5 minutes of my caustic reply towards some kind of a creative-writing reject/clown...the message I issued out at 6:03pm, delivering unto "Colonel" Michael Masters, his "Dishonorable Discharge Papers" from END GAME. 

Specifically, at 6:08pm, you wrote... 

From: "Gee, Dawne" <dgee@wave3.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 6:08 PM 

"Joe, I’m not getting your problem here.  Who is censoring youu and how ?" - Dawne Gee. 

...and I wasn't immediately aware of your response, but still managed to return a proper reply to an alledgedly inquisitive reporter by 7:01pm...only 51 minutes later...further detailing 'who is censoring me...and how'. 

Most of my reader's are unaware of this...our most recent interaction...because, in addition to this State Election Officer's requested testimony, I offered up the name of an anonymous "confidential informant"...an influential local, who could've corroborated some, if not all, of my story. 

No need, at this point in time, to expose all my confidential sources to the general public. 

Now - Twenty-Three minutes later...it's 7:24pm. 

Having digested my newest data...having conducted a professionally thorough investigation into 'The Censorship Incident In Bardstown'...having contacted my informant(?)...and having produced a typed up submission report of your findings, WAVE-TV3's stand-up standout investigative news journalist replies, in record time, with... 

From: "Gee, Dawne" <dgee@wave3.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 7:24 PM

Joe, Start you own blog !!!!  Censorship is not American !!!  You can’t be quieted.    Let them take their ball and go home.  That’s what’s making you made.  What do you care !!!  Come on now !!! - Dawne Gee

Within 23 minutes...Dawne Gee?

...and allowing for 10 minutes of that time to be spent composing your rather eloquent [7-sentence] investigative reply...means you've spent approximately 13 fateful minutes, at most, studying the political predicament that we're all in and you can safely solidly report in with...

"Start your own blog !!!" - Dawne Gee

"Let them take their ball and go home." - Dawne Gee

"What do you care !!!" - Dawne Gee

"Come on now !!!" - Dawne Gee

Seriously Dawne?

The only statement here, making any sense at all, is... 

"Censorship is not American !!!" - Dawne Gee 

So...we're in agreement?...this is an atrocity?...but that doesn't mean you're offering to report on any Un-American Activities taking place in "America's Most Beautiful Small Hometown"...because of...huh??? 

Come on now, Mizz Gee.  Admit it.  You never even got up offa' your lazy investigative ass to check on nuthin'.  Truth is...you only inquired about further information so's you could eventually comeback and taunt me. 

You should be careful what you wish for. 

In urging me to..."Let them take their ball and go home."...your [surgically-assisted?] child-like mind equates Ben Franklin's vision of an Honorable American Free Press...one of Integrity...down to the equivalency of a child's toy...only, that being a deflated toy, which does not afford equal access to all the little boys and girls. 

And, I don't mind being ignored...as you silently approve of these propagandist newspapers...which would offer editorial space to Guest Columnists, Religious Columnists, Political Columnists...Police Chiefs, County Sheriffs and (5)Drug Task Force Agencies...but none, zip, zero, nada space for a sworn-to-God Kentucky Election Officer...because, you'll have that...it's to be expected...whenever you're a well-paid Talkin' Head, cooperatin' with The Prohibition Dragon...in a Police State...advisin' me to "Start your own blog !!!"...(somewheres else)...like it's the perfectly legitimate solution to the on-going problem of Censorship and blatant Discrimination. 

I don't mind because I know you've got no choice.

You operate in this way...jes' po' ol' modern-day neo-Gnat-See Slaves to your Masters...because there's a silent and sinister, neo-Gnat-See Police State, quietly being forced upon us all...so seriously, why would any of "you people" want to stick your necks out? 

"What do you care !!!" 

(...geez!  Unless Ebonics has changed some things around, interrogative statements should still delineate themselves...and be terminated...by using a common question mark.  (?)  And I do wish some of you professional newspeople would [PLEASE!] take an additional moment, from time to time, to review and proof-read your own [7-sentences worth of] copy...inspecting it closely for glaring errors in grammar, spelling, and stupidity!) 

Why do I care? 

Because, before the neo-Gnat-See Invasion, I was a Free-thinkin' intelligent white-boy, makin' my way from the cradle to the grave, who occassionally graced and gifted my more-literate friends...both black and white, down heeyah' in Hillbillyville, USA...with an insightful editorial essay, or two...once or twice a year...concerning the need for a corruption-ending Marijuana Prohibition Vote.

And people were lovin' me for doin' it. 


Since 'The Take-Over' and the [visible] removal of my Online Political Essays, I've been dishonored and banished from the Printed...and now, the un-Printed...Public Forums...charged with being inciteful. 

Now, I must bear my shame and accept my fame, as... 

The Nation's only known Censored Election Officer! 

...and I will...I promise you...be vindicated.  

Let me take a moment here Dawne, as we ALL begin Black Pride...er'...History...Month, to educate one of WAVE-TV3's elite Black journalists...

...For those who do not know their own History, must surely be damned to relive it. 

The basic tenet of Dr. Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Philosophy was...Discrimination Upon Any One of Us, is Discrimination Against The All of Us. 

Congratulations, Dawne Gee !!!  Whenever it serves your narrow-minded interests...or the needs of The Prohibition Dragon...you can set the Civil Rights Movement back by a couple of decades, and abandon these moral teachings by the Good Reverend, seemingly, with complete ease...

...and, in this case, under 30 minutes flat.  That's really quite impressive...hypocritically speaking.

You could've made an attempt at uncovering one big ol' nasty political scandal...comin' outta' Cornbread Mafia Territory.  You could've questioned at least one or two of the other END GAME players, concerning mishandled government documents.  But you decided to pep me up with a 'rub some mud on it' remedy...documenting it all...in indelibly timestamped email.

My, my.  How clever [bright] are you?...knowing that an official investigation into 'The Censorship Incident In Bardstown' looms large, even now, on the horizon? 

Your comments will be noted...in my report to The President...but I'll bet your TV Station Manager won't let you sit across from me, with the Political TV cameras rollin', and talk to me like that! 

END GAME has never discriminated against any of you "Black Folk"...up heeyah' in Kentucky Journalism...and I've reached out to alot of non-responsive "White Folk" too.  Nobody, Black or White, wants to acknowledge that this clear-cut case of censorship against a Citizen, is wrong...even though it is.

And censoring a Citizen/Election Officer only compounds that offense.  But, the Secretary of State will set things straight from here...soon as somebody confirms that she's one of the spooks monitoring END GAME...silently.

I never hear nuthin' from my Representative Government.

I feel just like Denzel Washington, in "Enemy Of The State", and can practically see that big ol' spy satellite in the sky, swingin' in a cold silent deadly arc across the night-time stars, as it struggles to Hubbel down and draw a bead on me.

Dawne Gee...a big wrong was committed by a Ghost Government, operating up here in Kentucky...one that doesn't wish to be discovered...and you're doin' nuthin' about it...with me rubbin' the evidence right under your nose!

'Fess up.  You're not a journalist.  You're just a neo-Gnat-See Spokesperson!

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.
Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own back yard.  

[END GAME: Read The Book...see The Movie!]

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

- Censored Honky White-Boy Election Officer...Quoting An Excerpt From Maya Angelou's Inspirational Poem..."I Rise"...[BACK!] To All Of Louisville's Reluctant Black/White Media and Otherwise InEffective Community Leaders.

Somebody nudge Jefferson County's Christopher "2x" and tell 'em Nelson County's Joe "Exponentio"...A.K.A..."The Great White Hope"...sends him his fondest regards! 

...since Dawne Gee's the only Louisville journalist, speakin' out for the whole sad and sorry lot of you, I don't 'spect there's much chance, ret' now...REALTIME...during this Black History Month...that a Censored modern-day Emancipator/Abolitionist...making his way North along the Underground Cyber-Space Railway...in order to report in, from out in da' Cold...could count on any of you for your support?..maybe catch me a ride up to see the first famous Black President?...even if I offered to sit, politely humbled down and segregated, in the non-Black-Colored Section...back at the back of the bus? 

Is there? 

[Chuckle, Chuckle] 

And Dawne...if you cannot be of assistance, please, for the sake of good Public Relations, be a kinder, gentler, ever-so-much-more-charming TV3 News Negress...and please kindly direct this Southern Gentleman towards the nearest "Separate But Equal" news reporting agency...up heeyah' in Kain'-tuck-ee! 

[insert VERY low ugly menacing laughter here!]

The VERY Dark-Humored Kentucky Humorist

Election Officer Sheriff

Joe O'Bryan

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Carbon Copied To These Folks...


attorney.general@ag.ky.gov; jboel@wave3.com; editor@NelsonCountyGazette.com; david.floyd@lrc.ky.gov; vdortch@wlky.com; elaine.filiatreau@ky.gov; fberkshire@kystandard.com; info@wbrtcountry.com; jimmy.higdon@lrc.ky.gov; sjohnson@fox41.com; jsizemore@kystandard.com; kimhuston@nceda.net; esking@hearst.com; learjg@bardstown.com; littleangels@bardstowncable.net; looseleafhollow@wildblue.net; lynn.zellen@ky.gov; mayor@bardstowncable.net; DonnaM@Bardstown.com; ncjudge@bardstown.com; nelsoncountybaptistchurch@gmail.com; nkennedy@chronicleonline.com; perry.clark@lrc.ky.gov; sreynolds@wave3.com; robertaugustine@yahoo.com; schmuckrsm@scnazarethky.org; shelleyjsn@aol.com; therant@whas11.com; tjdawson@bardstown.com; trey_grayson@hks.harvard.edu; Awalser@whas11.com; jwaters@freedomkentucky.com;