Educator opposes tax revenue increase from BCS

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Hearing lasted only five minutes

By Kacie Goode

Bardstown Independent Schools’ public tax hearing began at 6 p.m. and adjourned at 6:05 p.m. Monday after only one person attended to share her view on the proposed 4 percent increase in tax revenue.

Patricia Murray Boone told the board members Monday night that the increase is a hardship and burden for taxpayers and families trying to make ends meet.

“They make sacrifices to support their children, to rear their children and pay their bills, and it is not easy,” Boone said.

Boone, a retired teacher, still substitutes because she enjoys teaching and working with children, she said.

“I enjoy seeing that light bulb light up and seeing them grasp what it is that teachers are trying to teach to them. It’s a joy to teach children. The success of our children depends on us,” she said. “The dedication of our teachers and our staff is immeasurable.”

But in her experience as a substitute, she said, she has observed instances where money could be better applied.

“My Bardstown City School taxes are exceedingly higher than the county taxes,” she said. “I respect you, who are in authority and who have these positions of leadership,” but she believed the increase would have an adverse affect on families and tax payers.

After Boone concluded her statement, Superintendent Holsclaw clarified for the room that the district was proposing a 4 percent increase in tax revenue over last year, not a 4 percent increase in the tax itself.

The board had set the preliminary increase at a special-called meeting the night of Aug. 1. According to that discussion, the proposed general fund tax levy would be 81.4 cents per $100 of real and personal property, which includes 0.1 cent added to recover prior year losses because of exonerations. The rate is anticipated to produce $9,542,795.84 in revenue, of which around $2.7 million would come from new and personal property.

Last year, the board approved a 3 percent increase in revenue.

Holsclaw and board member Jennifer Shrewsburythanked Boone for her input and her dedication to teaching, but no other discussion or decision was held Monday.

While Boone was the only community member to attend Monday’s public hearing, which was initially announced at the Aug. 1 meeting, a man pulled into the Central Office parking lot about five minutes after adjournment looking to speak with district representatives. He also opposed the increase, he said.

Shrewsbury, while thanking Boone for attending, added that she had not heard views from any other citizens about the taxes.

The board was scheduled to make a final decision on taxes at noon Tuesday. Board member Franklin Hibbs III was absent from Monday’s hearing. Check www.kystandard.com and an upcoming issue of The Kentucky Standard for the BCS tax decision.