Clark promoted to second-in-command in Sheriff’s office

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By Forrest Berkshire, Editor

The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office has a new second in command.

Sgt. Mike Clark was promoted to captain last week and will be what Sheriff Ed Mattingly called his “right-hand” in overseeing operations within the department.

Deputy Ramon Pineiroa, who was previously second in command, was shifted to a team leader’s position in overseeing night patrols, Mattingly said.

“Mike had some skills I could better use in that position,” Mattingly said in describing the change in command structure. “He’s the go-to person for me.”

Mattingly said he was consolidating some duties that had been spread among other officers to fall under the captain’s position. For example, he said, it was formerly lieutenants’ jobs to coordinate Department of Criminal Justice training, and that would now be Clark’s responsibility, in addition to other administrative oversight like maintaining the fleet of vehicles, reviewing time cards and other essential office duties. Mattingly said while Clark will remain in uniform and the deputies will answer to him, much of his job will be administrative in nature.

Pineiroa was previously a lieutenant and assistant sheriff and is now a sergeant. Pineiroa and Clark have both been with the department for 12 years.

Pineiroa is one of two current deputies who are considering a run for sheriff next year. Lt. Kaelin Matthews is the other who has said he plans to run, although the date for filing is not until next month.

Mattingly has said for more than a year that he does not plan to run for re-election, and said Wednesday that his decision on the restructuring was not influenced by anyone’s plans to pursue the office.

“I am not involved and won’t get involved” on behalf of any candidate, he said.