Circuit clerk warns of jury duty phone scam

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Nelson County residents are being warned of a telephone scam taking place in the area related to jury duty.

In an email to media Monday morning, Nelson County Circuit Clerk Diane Thompson said she had received several phone calls from citizens claiming a caller, posing as a Nelson County Sheriff’s deputy, tells them they have failed to report to jury duty and will be charged a fine.

Thompson said the caller requests a specific amount of money be sent prior to appearing in court Friday. She said the victims have reported the caller to be convincing and claiming they would be arrested if they did not pay the fine.

“The Nelson Circuit Clerk’s Office, nor the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office, will not call and request that anyone pay money for failing to report for jury service,” Thompson said in the email.

Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly, in a media release, said the scam is over ten years old, and may even use names of deputies currently working at the office.

“These callers can mask their number to make it look like a legitimate government number,” Mattingly said in the release, adding, “We do not do business over the phone.”

Mattingly said jury forms are mailed out and show cause summons are served in person. He also said the NCSO does not accept payment for any fines.

Anyone who receives such a call should not provide any information to the caller, hang up, and contact the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office. The NCSO can be reached at (502) 348-1840.