Bill Buckman during presentation: That’s a lie!

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Former councilman denies receiving email about Copeland

By Randy Patrick

Even before he was involved in distributing packets of public records about Councilwoman Kecia Copeland to City Council members at the Nov. 1 meeting, Mayor John Royalty electronically distributed an Internet rant about Copeland to his assistant, Kathy Graham, and his friend, then-Councilman Bill Buckman, according to the investigation findings.

But Buckman denied he was the recipient of Royalty’s email containing a link to the Rip-Off Report, which included anonymous accusations about Copeland’s employment history from several years ago.

“That’s a lie,” Buckman, who was sitting in the back row of the council chambers, muttered when Scott Crosbie, the council’s investigator, said in the meeting Tuesday that Buckman had received the blog article.

However, Exhibit 68 in the report is a print-out of an email from “Mayor Royalty” sent Sunday, Oct. 16, at 10:40 p.m. to billbuckman27@yahoo.com. The message consists only of the link and “Sent from my iPad.”

While the council was deliberating in closed session, Buckman told The Kentucky Standard that he and Royalty had only emailed each other one time when he was a councilman, that he never had his private email account synced to his city-issued iPad and that he was not one of the third parties to whom Royalty allegedly forwarded Copeland’s private emails.

“I never seen none of her emails,” he said.

Graham, who was one of Royalty’s first hires, has since left the city for another job.