Bardstown man accused of impersonating an officer

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By Staff

A 19-year-old Bardstown man was arrested early Monday morning and charged with impersonating a peace officer because of modifications made to his vehicle.

According to an arrest report from the Bardstown Police Department, Tyler Boynton-Vannattan is accused of driving a black Hyundai Accent modified with flashing lights and a siren.

Officer Robert Monroe was dispatched around 1 a.m. to the area of Baskin Robbins on a disturbance between motorists. Another driver told Monroe that Boynton-Vannattan had been following him with the devices activated and had blocked him in between another car. During a search of Boynton-Vannattan’s vehicle, Monroe discovered a switchboard on the cabin ceiling that operated LED lights in the windshield in an alternating pattern. Another switch to the left of the steering wheel controlled the siren.

Monroe also found a bronze badge in a door panel that appeared to be a support dog ID, but no support animal was present.

Boynton-Vannattan was arrested and booked in the Nelson County Jail. He is scheduled for arraignment in court Tuesday afternoon. He will also be arraigned that day on a traffic violation from May in which he is accused of not having registration plates and not wearing a seatbelt.