‘Bloomfield boy’ chases dreams overseas

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Former NCHS, Lindsey Wilson star Beasley signs with Norwegian pro team

By Peter W. Zubaty, Sports Editor

Dylan Beasley considers himself just a small-town boy from Bloomfield who loves to play football.


But in less than two months, he’ll get a big-city experience in his chosen sport that he never imagined possible when the former Nelson County High School and Lindsey Wilson College star quarterback heads overseas for the next chapter in his storied career.

“It’s definitely going to be a culture shock living in Norway,” said Beasley of his signing earlier this week with the Åsane Seahawks, a team in the top division of that country’s American football league. “It’s going to be a neat experience.”

While sharing the same logo — albeit with different color scheme — as the Seattle Seahawks, the Åsane team is not affiliated with the NFL team.

His college coach, Chris Oliver, said that with Beasley’s leadership, talent and character, it’s not surprising he would be able to land such an opportunity.

“He’s such a great kid, hard worker, and he’s so smart,” Oliver said. “He was very attractive for a number of teams in Europe.”

Beasley said he first got the idea of playing overseas from his predecessor at Lindsey Wilson, Branden Cresap, who played for a time in Germany. He said Cresap “put that bug in his ear” a few years ago, and after leading the Blue Raiders to back-to-back Mid-South Conference titles and trips to the quarterfinals of the NAIA Division I playoffs, Beasley submitted his player bio and highlight film to EuroPlayers.com, a website designed to help place football players in Europe’s various American football leagues.

“After the season ended, I took a week and reflected on whether or not I was going to continue playing,” Beasley said. “I thought I’d give it a shot.”

Earlier this week, the Åsane Seahawks announced Beasley’s signing. Åsane is a borough in the port city of Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway. Bergen is similar in size to Louisville, and located on the picturesque Norwegian coastline.

Before Beasley leaves in early March, he’ll be getting married to his high-school and college sweetheart, Mariah Stearns, in a small ceremony. She’ll be joining him on the trip, and will be able to continue her work at Lindsey Wilson online, as will her fiancé, who has been taking graduate-level courses since graduating in the spring of 2017.

“Like with any big life change, there is definitely some nervousness there, but I think I’m more excited than anything,” Stearns said about their pending move. “Dylan is my rock and my best friend, and I feel like as long as we’re together, there’s not much I have to worry about. I mean, what couple gets to start off their first few months of marriage immersed in a completely different culture in such a gorgeous foreign country? It’s hard to believe even now that we’re getting the chance to do something like this.”

Beasley said he’s already made connections with people in Bergen to help them get settled in for their new life overseas, but that it will be just a temporary move, as they will return in early July. The Seahawks will have six weeks of practices before playing six games plus the playoffs. In addition, Beasley will be helping coach the lower-division teams affiliated with the Seahawks, which is also part of his life’s dream.

“He’s such a bright guy, and he’s always expressed an interest in coaching,” Oliver said.

Beasley feels like it will be a nice addition to his resumé for when he returns and goes out looking for a teaching and coaching job after studying secondary education and social sciences at LWC. Since his season ended in November, he’s been doing substitute teaching at Nelson County Schools and Bardstown Schools.

“I’m really excited about teaching students and getting into the classroom, and coaching as well,” Beasley said.

Stearns said she and Beasley weighed a number of offers from European teams before settling on Norway, a decision which brought a great deal of relief to the young couple.

Beasley’s father, Chip, said he and his wife, Cindy, had some worries about their son going overseas to play and coach, and that they would miss him and Mariah during those four months. But, he said, Dylan loves playing football, and loves to see new places, and they’re thrilled with who he’s grown up to be.

“It’s been exciting watching him over the years,” Chip Beasley said. “That’s the thing me and Cindy are most proud of is the young man he’s turned out to be.”

Don’t expect living overseas in a big-city environment to change Dylan Beasley much.

“I have a hard time seeing myself as more than just a Bloomfield boy,” he said. “God has blessed me. I didn’t think I would ever do something like this.”