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  • Eagles progressing to coach...

    It’s just about halfway through the season and the Bethlehem Eagles are moving along just as new coach Roger Robinson had hoped they would. Robinson said his young squad has had its ups and downs this season — proven most recently by their 3-2 win Saturday over Washington County in eight innings, as the Eagles had lost to the Commanders 13-0 earlier in the week.

    “What we are emphasizing this year is for the players to improve on the fundamentals of the game and their mechanics and the rest will come as they get older,” Robinson said.

  • Nasty winter didn't stop...

    The exceptionally nasty weather last winter did little or nothing to slow down the growing populations of ticks.

    Ticks are out in force, people who enjoy the outdoors whether a picnic in the backyard, hiking, or turkey and mushroom hunting, should be prepared for ticks.

    Most people think of ticks being in the woods; and they are. However, they are just as likely to be found in tall grass in your neighborhood — maybe your own backyard.

  • Value can be found in this Derby

    When I sat down to write up this article, my theme was going to be something along the lines of why it’s not smart to bet on favorites at the Derby. It would be an easy case to make for someone like me who never bets the chalk when playing the ponies.

    But when I looked a little closer at the last five Derby charts, it occurred to me my standard strategy of approaching the race has been failing me.

  • Mccoy and Sparks Hit of the week
  • The right equipment is the key

    April is PGA Free Fitting and Trade Up month. PGA professionals across the country are providing free 15-minute equipment-fitting sessions. Maywood and other local courses are participating in this national campaign.

    Many players do not understand the importance of having your equipment fit to you and your swing. You can take all the lessons you want, but playing with equipment not fit for you will keep you from playing your best.

  • Nelson takes two of three;...

    Here’s a look at what went down on the baseball diamond this week:

    Bardstown — The Tigers had a tough week against some strong competition. They led off with North Hardin in a regional matchup and went down 14-1. North Hardin used a nine-run second inning to put the Tigers away early.

  • Bardstown snags two district...

    Here’s a look at last week’s action on the softball diamond:

    Bardstown — The Tigers week got off to a tough start as they fell to a good Hart County team 18-2. Bardstown jumped out to a 1-0 lead, but Hart County put a nine-spot on the board in the third and cruised from there.

  • Tigers have more balance

    Bardstown lost its top boys player from a year ago — Nick Heaton — but Tiger coach Bryan Kellem thinks his club can rebound from it.

    “We’re recovering from that loss,” said Kellem, who has coached the boys’ and girls’ Tiger tennis clubs since 2004. “As a whole, the team’s more solid all-around. We’re more well-rounded.”

    Senior Allen Brooks, a big-serving lefty, inherits the No. 1 singles slot, and Kellem said his serve has been more consistent this season.

  • Nelson County baseball team has...

    Nelson County baseball team has a tough time at Danville tourny

  • Sucker spawn marked start of...

    Who goes sucker fishing these days?

    Almost no one.

    Most anglers today probably never have tried their luck fishing for suckers. However, fishing for suckers can be fun, and they are good eating, if you can avoid their many tiny bones.

    There are approximately 80 species of suckers. There ones I’m most familiar with we always referred to as white suckers. As a kid growing up, my dad purchased quillback and river redhorse suckers from commercial fishermen, who caught them in the Wabash River and small streams leading to it near Darwin, Ill.