River Rat

  • RIVER RAT: Championship Sunday

    Other than unexpected losses by the Steelers and Broncos, most NFL prognosticators feel things went according to plan.

    An aside: If this were the final act for No. 18, I bid him well and thank him for being a great foil over the years. A truly scary QB for your team to have to face.

    Should Peyton Manning have been injured, his recent play is justified. I hope that is the case and he can come back for another round, should his body allow it.

  • RIVER RAT: Sunday's playoff picks

    The common theme of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs is that the home team most always wins. Those teams are rested after a bye, awaiting teams that got knocked around the week before in the wild card games.

    My picks for Saturday’s games — which appeared in Friday’s edition — reflected this, as I expect the Patriots and Seahawks to have already reserved a spot in the conference finals by the time you read this.

  • RIVER RAT: Expect home teams to advance in Saturday's playoff games

    Not gonna lie — last week’s playoff loss by the Steelers was a major-league disappointment. Making it worse was the fact that it came to the team I dislike more than all the others.

    So much so, I was still a bit angry the next morning. The sun didn’t come out that day.

  • RIVER RAT: District races heating up in January

    Over the course of the next few weeks, everybody in the 19th District, boys and girls, plays each other, which should bring a great deal of clarity to the respective tournament seeding races.

    Today, we’re going to do a bit of a mid-season profile, looking at where the local teams have been and what they have on their plates coming up, and how I think things will turn out.



    Bardstown Tigers (5-8 overall, 0-0 dist.)

  • RIVER RAT: Playoff picks

    Playoff time is here, and I won’t lie — I’m a bit giddy that the Steelers are back in the playoffs after being the No. 7 seed the past two seasons, on the outside looking in.

    There are expectations beyond just being happy to be there, mind you. I’m not a Bengals fan, you know.

    Here are my first-round picks for this time around. Obviously, those of you who won’t see this until Sunday morning will already know the outcomes of the Saturday games, but those of you who read online at kystandard.com get to see the advance work.

  • RIVER RAT: Roundball time has arrived

    High school basketball season has arrived in Kentucky, with the regular season beginning Monday in the Bluegrass State.

  • RIVER RAT: MNF Diary

    Fantasy football makes the NFL quite maddening at times.

    I’ve been hit-or-miss on watching Monday Night Football this year, but with the Steelers playing with a chance to take over first in the division, I was all-in. Even wore the white 43 Troy Polamalu jersey, which hasn’t been especially lucky this season. However, I hoped the defense would be able to come up with a big effort in honor of their injured leader and overcome whatever bad luck stain might have been spilled upon the jersey, or just my general jinx powers.

  • RIVER RAT: Rose’s wait as interminable as his will

    This weekend, the National Baseball Hall of Fame inducted its latest class.

    It’s a strong group of six highlighted by three of the guys — hurlers Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux, and manager Bobby Cox — instrumental in the Atlanta Braves’ wildly successful run in the 1990s.

    But this column is not about them, or slugger Frank Thomas, or managers Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa. It is instead about who is not going to be inducted, not this year or any time soon.

  • RIVE RAT: I’m a little late to the Twitter party

    I started up a combined Twitter account for PLG-TV 13 and Kentucky Standard Sports a week ago, and apparently it was just in time, as the buildup to The LeBron James Decision Pt. 2 was absolutely, positively hysterical.

    I had sort of an idea of what I was missing, but not totally. And friends telling me “You HAVE to get on Twitter” was usually just enough of a reason not to, for me, as I’m just not one of those guys who is swayed by the “everybody is doing it — you should too” line of thinking.

  • RIVER RAT: Waving the flag

    I’ve had a bit of patriotism on my mind lately, and it’s not because July 4 is on the immediate horizon.

    I’ll be honest — it has more to do with my casual following of the USMNT’s fare in the current installment of the World Cup.