River Rat

  • RIVER RAT: Welcome to Ky. Standard Sports

    Those of you who are regular readers of the Standard’s sports section have a pretty good idea of what you can find in these pages on a regular basis. 

    But for those of you who may be seeing our paper for the first time, allow me to give you a bit of a primer on what you’ll generally find here in this section. 

  • RIVER RAT: Coming soon, to a gridiron near you

    The Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s “dead period” ended at midnight today, ushering in the unofficial beginning of the 2015-16 prep sports season as fall sports teams get back to practice.

  • RIVER RAT: Baseball district race a jumbled mess

    Well, that was interesting.

    I managed to get back to Bardstown’s baseball field from the tennis regionals in E’town on Tuesday just in time to catch the final few plays of the Tigers’ 11-9 win over Bethlehem.

    It was a win that, while deceptive at first glance, was defined by some great pitching. True, it sounded crazy when I was told that Tuesday night, but it made more sense when I checked out the stats on Wednesday morning.

  • RIVER RAT: Sweet and sentimental 16

    Each year, I look forward to the boys’ Sweet 16 state basketball tournament as a bit of a family/class reunion of sorts, a chance to catch up with old friends I’ve made along my travels around the state over the years.

    Lately though, I’ve been thinking a lot about who was there, rather than who is.

  • RIVER RAT: Asher spins Derby tales at annual Scouting luncheon

    Kentucky Derby 141 looms less than two months away, and Nelson Countians — and racing fans state- and worldwide — find their own ways to celebrate the passion of that first Saturday in May, Churchill Downs executive John Asher said in an entertaining visit Tuesday.

    Asher, an award-winning radio journalist before ascending to vice president in charge of racing communications at the venerable track in Louisville, called on his old radio chops to weave a number of folksy tales during his visit for the Nelson County Friends of Scouting Luncheon at Maywood.

  • RIVER RAT: This year, I just don’t know

    In most years, I declare a two-week moratorium on the 24-hour national sports networks during the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

    Too much hype, and my reservoir fills up with overkill pretty quick. So I don’t watch, so as to enable me to remain somewhat excited when the big day — today — comes around.

    I strayed a little from that philosophy this time around.

  • RIVER RAT: Don’t let that rich history fade away

    I love history. Always have. It was my major when I first started school at Western Kentucky way back when, but I put that on the minor back-burner once I transferred to Northern Kentucky and discovered journalism was my thing.

    Sports is a great way to explore that history, to tell the stories of those who came before to the younger generations.

    As I’ve learned more about the local sports history during my years with The Kentucky Standard, I’ve had an idea rattling around in my melon for some time.

  • RIVER RAT: Championship Sunday

    Other than unexpected losses by the Steelers and Broncos, most NFL prognosticators feel things went according to plan.

    An aside: If this were the final act for No. 18, I bid him well and thank him for being a great foil over the years. A truly scary QB for your team to have to face.

    Should Peyton Manning have been injured, his recent play is justified. I hope that is the case and he can come back for another round, should his body allow it.

  • RIVER RAT: Sunday's playoff picks

    The common theme of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs is that the home team most always wins. Those teams are rested after a bye, awaiting teams that got knocked around the week before in the wild card games.

    My picks for Saturday’s games — which appeared in Friday’s edition — reflected this, as I expect the Patriots and Seahawks to have already reserved a spot in the conference finals by the time you read this.

  • RIVER RAT: Expect home teams to advance in Saturday's playoff games

    Not gonna lie — last week’s playoff loss by the Steelers was a major-league disappointment. Making it worse was the fact that it came to the team I dislike more than all the others.

    So much so, I was still a bit angry the next morning. The sun didn’t come out that day.