River Rat

  • RIVER RAT: Things get serious now

    The first round of the playoffs is in the books, and I did pretty well last weekend, going 3-1, my lone blemish being the irrational confidence I had in the Giants to do something amazing. Your objection is duly noted, Aaron Rodgers.

    This is supposed to be the week when all home teams win, as that’s traditionally what happens in the divisional round. I don’t think that’s going to be the case this year, as you’ll see in today’s and Sunday’s predictions.


    NFC: Seattle at Atlanta

  • RIVER RAT: That old-time feeling

    Sunday’s Wild Card round games have a bit of a more familiar feel than Saturday’s, with old playoff hands such as the Steelers, Giants and Packers taking center stage along with a Miami franchise making its first playoff appearance since 2008.

    Prognosticators say if a surprise team is going to make the Super Bowl, it will be a team emerging from Sunday’s opening round. You can check out my picks from Saturday’s game online at kystandard.com — I’m planning for a big year.


  • RIVER RAT: Flawed teams should make for an entertaining playoff run

    Well, here we are at the end of the long regular-season NFL slog. We’ve managed to separate the wheat from the chaff along the way, but what we’ve really found is a bunch of flawed teams, each with some form of Achilles’ heel that figures to doom them at just the wrong time. It’s really just a matter of who’s fatal flaw is exposed sooner.

  • 2016 YEAR IN REVIEW: Looking back at the stories that shaped 2016 in sports

    Each year on the sports pages, a number of stories capture the fancy of local readers.

    At the end of each year, I take some time to reflect on just what it was we saw, and try my best to bring it all together in one list and bring context to it all.

  • RIVER RAT: Wild World Series

    Amazingly enough, the world didn’t end following the Chicago Cubs’ comeback from three games to one down to steal the World Series away from the Cleveland Indians.

    I was certain that Armageddon was the only natural reaction by the cosmos after one of the two longest-suffering franchises in Major League Baseball ended its generations-long drought — since 1908 for the Cubs and 1948 for the Indians. It seemed too historic for history to handle, with too many stunning, gut-punching disappointments endured by both tortured fan bases to wash away unnoticed.

  • RIVER RAT: HS FB is here!

    Welcome to the 2016 high school football season, and our special coverage of it.

    Of course, today’s issue of The Kentucky Standard features an old favorite, the football preview section, where we profile the teams that will be hitting the gridiron under the lights on Friday nights for the next few months.

    In addition, I hope you’ve been watching our companion coverage on PLG-TV 13, where this week we launched Season 8 (!) of Zubaty and Crew Sports Week with individual segments focusing on each of our local varsity football teams.

  • RIVER RAT: Big year for college signings

    Just out of curiosity, I did some investigating of the sports pages over the course of the 2015-16 school year, and that research found that this has been a banner year for local kids landing athletic scholarships at the next level.

  • RIVER RAT: Scouting experience still paying off today

    Each year, the local Friends of Scouting in Nelson County hold a fundraiser to support Scouting troops in the area.

    I usually always go, as the guest speakers generally hail from the sports world, and there are always interesting stories told. I also usually go because it puts me in connection with a fun time in my youth, my days as a Boy Scout.

  • RIVER RAT: Manning's 'last rodeo' won't be fun

    This weekend marks the culmination of the Peyton Manning lovefest, as it appears it will be his “last rodeo,” as he told Patriots coach Bill Belichick two weeks ago.

    Regardless of how Sunday’s game turns out on the scoreboard, it will serve as a celebration of all that No. 18 has done over his storied career. If you don’t believe me, listen to how Jim Nantz and Phil Simms gush over every single completed pass Manning makes.

  • RIVER RAT: Pats, Panthers should move on to Super Bowl

    I’m writing this on Friday in an empty office, occasionally glancing outside — yep, still snowing.

    Hopefully, all of you received your papers on time Sunday morning, as forecasts on Friday suggested the worst would be over by Saturday morning. And even if you are hunkered down for the weekend waiting for all the snow to melt, if nothing else, there’s some good entertainment and superb storylines on tap for Sunday afternoon’s AFC and NFC championship games.