• STRAIGHT ARROW: There’s still time for bowhunting

    Gun season is over, but we still have a lot of time left before the archery deer season ends Jan. 16 to keep bowhunting.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: My first day deer hunting with Hannah

    My son Eric was going to have to work Friday, Nov. 25, so at lunch Thanksgiving Day I told him that if my granddaughter Hannah wanted to hunt Friday that I would be glad to take her. When we mentioned this to Hannah, she was excited and anxious to get to go hunting with me Friday.

    Plans were quickly made for Hannah to spend the night with Bonnie and me, but since Bonnie would be going shopping with her sisters Friday, Hannah and I would have the whole day to ourselves, something we had never done before.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Hannah bags her biggest buck yet

    On Friday, Nov. 11, we left for our annual trip to Grand Rivers and the Land Between The Lakes, but with changes in deer hunting regulations at LBL, we were not going to be hunting.

    (Deer harvested at LBL are no longer bonus deer, so you have to use your statewide tags, plus you have to purchase a permit to bowhunt.)

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Two key tips for proper bow care

    Last week I had two bows brought into the shop for repairs, and I would like to bring these issues to everyone’s attention.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Good viewing on my last four bowhunts

    A couple of weeks ago I got to watch a nice 10-point buck tearing up some brush and small trees. I had already filled my buck tag and watched him raking his antlers for about five minutes.

    I used my rangefinder to get a little better look at his antlers, and never could tell how long his brow tines were. But I think he would have scored about 130. I ranged him at 30 yards. He gradually moved and stepped out into an opening, standing perfectly broadside. My rangefinder showed 31 yards. I watched as he disappeared into the brush.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Bowhunting the rut can yield results

    There is only a week left until the firearms deer season opens, but the good news for bowhunters is that if you still have your buck tag, there is no better week in the year to see a trophy buck.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A follow-up from last week’s hunts

    Last week I told you about the buck that Weston Childers harvested during the youth hunt and the doe his brother Landon had gotten, and I wished them good luck on their upcoming youth hunt at Fort Knox.

    Well, their trip was this past weekend, and the boys had another great weekend, this time with their dad, Aaron, and papaw, Danny Childers.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: The youth hunt

    The first youth deer hunt opened the weekend of Oct. 8, and a lot of kids had the opportunity to get out and hunt with their firearms for the weekend.

    The weather was good with no rain in the forecast, so it was a great time for the kids to be outdoors.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Good time for persimmons, paw paws and nuts

    There is no better time to take a hike in the woods than on a beautiful autumn day. The leaves are turning color and beginning to fall to form a carpet on the forest floor. And, there usually are fewer bugs to cause a distraction.

    During a fall walk, a hiker also may encounter products of nature’s bounty. This fall there appears to be an abundance of persimmons, walnut and hickory nuts.  Persimmons or nuts can provide key ingredients for a tasty dessert.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Bowhunting in the rain

    On Saturday morning, Oct. 1, the forecast was for rain, so Eric and I decided to skip hunting that morning, but we worked on a shooting rail that we could mount on two lock-on stands for the upcoming youth gun season opening for two days, Oct. 8-9.