• SC student to host Triathlon, 10k, 2-mile walk


    St. Catharine College

    For her internship in sports and recreation, St. Catharine College student Jennifer Craig is required to plan and coordinate an event that falls within that discipline. To that end, Craig has delved into an ambitious project called the Lanham’s Health & Fitness “Back 2 School” Fitness Challenge.

    The event, to take place in Bardstown Aug. 6, will include a 2-mile walk, a 10K run and a Mini-Triathlon. The triathlon will include a 300-meter swim, a 12-mile bike ride and a 5K run.

  • Local shooters excel in YHEC competition

    The Nelson County 4-H Shooting Sports YHEC Team (Youth Hunter Education Challenge) attended the annual state competition in May at the 4-H Leadership Training Center near Lake Cumberland.

    Eighteen members of the club attended the event along with five coaches and several parents.

    The competition is sponsored in part by the NRA Youth Services Department, Kentucky Hunter Education Association and Kentucky State 4-H Shooting Sports Education Program.

  • OUTDOORS: White goose back after absence

    For the second spring, the mystery of the white goose continues.

    Last spring, I began watching a mysterious nature happening on the lake behind the house. It has all the drama of a TV reality show. (Well, not as crazy or Jersey Shore.)

    Every spring for the past several years, I’ve watched the annual ritual of Canada geese raising their young. In late winter or very early spring. the local flocks of geese begin to break into pairs. They mate for life.

  • Skunk/dog encounter makes for unpleasant start to Father's Day

    It was an unpleasant start to Father’s Day. It also was a surprise plus a bit of irony.

    Earlier, I enjoyed an evening of dirt track auto racing. Rain had stayed away, and the racing was good.

    Arriving at home, I was greeted by my excited rat terrier, Tyler. It always makes me feel good to know he is so excited to see me. After the greeting, I let him out the back door into the fenced in yard.

  • Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority approve trail standards

    Members of the Kentucky Recreational Trail Authority recently passed recommended trail standards for Kentucky’s trail systems.

    Established in 2008, KRTA’s mission is to expand tourism opportunities through trails for various user groups. The authority does this by establishing trail standards, developing land use agreements, providing outdoor ethics training and implementing a permit system to help sustain the trail system.

  • Photos: Turkey, deer harvests
  • OUTDOORS: Preventing ticks is best solution

    Ticks just won’t go away. The little, nasty creatures continue to be a growing problem, and in a few cases, more than just an annoyance.

    For the most part, they are just a pesky nuisance, but caution is in order as they can cause serious health problems.

    I’m a bit reluctant to write about tick problems, as I fear it will keep some people out of the woods. It is true, some ticks carry Lyme disease as well as others. However, the outdoors can be enjoyed in tick territory, if proper care and precautions are taken.

  • OUTDOORS: Catalpa tree hosts tree house, catfish bait

    Down at the corner of the property grew a large catalpa tree. It was a special tree. It was my favorite tree. It was a special place.

    The broad leaves made a huge canopy roof, keeping out the sun and light rain. The tree was very climbable for a youngster like me. About 8 feet off the ground were limbs that easily adapted to a tree house. Well, it wasn’t really a tree house. I simply placed several boards on which I could sit and oversee my kingdom below. I could peer out and watch for advancing enemy armies.

  • OUTDOORS: Free fishing weekend

    If you haven’t been fishing for a while and would like to try it again, or if you’ve never tried it, or want to help someone experience fishing for the first time, this weekend is just for you. It is a free fishing weekend, June 4-5. No license required.

  • OUTDOORS: Worms catch variety of fish

    Most anglers started fishing with live worms before they later tried artificial worms or other baits. And live worms remain a favorite for many. Worms are inexpensive or free, and they catch fish.

    There are many different types of worms. Some work better than others for various species of fish. The availability of the various worms also is a factor.

    Certainly, there are other types of live fishing bait. There are minnows, crawfish, crickets, leaches and more, but worms probably top the list for freshwater anglers.