• STRAIGHT ARROW: Air currents and temperature changes

    I love bowhunting during the late season, when temperatures are normally cooler, to being downright bone-chilling cold.

    To hunt now, you will face more challenges than you would during the early season.

    I consider anything after the modern gun season closes as the late season, and several things that make bowhunting harder now is the deer have just been hunted very hard for about three weeks hearing, smelling and encountering many more humans than they do at any other time of the year.

  • Florida county tax levy protects lands, water

    Historically, in the early part of the last century, people choose to drain swamps and marshes. It made better land for growing crops and raising livestock.

    While the drained land was better for some crops and livestock, it also had a negative impact on water quality and much wildlife. It happened in many places in the Midwest, and significant parts of Florida.

  • OUTDOORS: State releases 2016-17 deer season dates

    FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission proposed the dates of the 2016-2017 deer seasons, changes to deer zones, and slight modifications for elk hunting at its quarterly meeting Dec. 4.

    Commission members proposed deer zone changes for Hardin, Webster and Marion counties. They also recommended modifying deer hunting regulations on four wildlife management areas (WMAs).

    The commission also recommended keeping the number of elk permits the same as last year and created two new limited entry areas (LEAs) for elk hunting.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Spending time with Lilly Grace

    My second granddaughter, Lilly, has always been a Grandma’s girl, but things have changed since our recent trip to Land Between the Lakes, and she has been spending more time with me.

    While we were at LBL, Eric and Hannah were planning to go hunting as soon as we got home, and 4-year-old Lilly wanted to go with them. Lilly kept telling us she was going deer hunting with Hannah, but when they got home, they were rushed for time, and Lilly didn’t get to go along.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Thoughts on carrying a handgun

    Recent terrorism attacks in this country and abroad have ramped up emotions, questions, and interest in guns.

    Not all of the attacks have been with guns, but those are the ones that seem to garner most of the attention. There are those who hope, want, believe or wish passing legislation would end the violence. Don’t we all, but that isn’t the reality.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Tried trashcan turkey? It’s delicious

    Thanksgiving brought together a number of friends and neighbors, and a part of the get-together is turkey. The same happens for Christmas.

    These are the plump, domestic variety, not the lean, dark-meat, wild variety taken during spring or fall hunting seasons.

    My friend, Jeff DeRitter, utilizes a special method of preparing a turkey for our gathering. It is not only turkey cooking, it is fun and socialization.

    In Jeff’s case, it is a way to cook a big bird and pass time while the ladies are preparing the rest of the meal inside.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Three little girls, Christmas lights and a little bowhunting

    On Friday, Nov. 13, Eric, Beth, Hannah, Lilly and Haylee left about 8:30 a.m. for our annual trip to Grand Rivers on the north end of the Land Between the Lakes to see the Christmas lights at Patti’s 1880s Settlement Restaurant.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Relieve your stress, bowhunter style

    On Saturday, Nov. 7, Bonnie and I attended the National Archery in the Schools tournament at Bethlehem High School, where we set up a booth.

    We were there from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., while more than 500 kids participated in the tournament. By the time we got home and organized things for Sunday, it was 10:30 p.m. when we walked in the house.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: New reel: Gimmick or goodie?

    It doesn’t take a lot to make some outdoor folks happy. It doesn’t take a stringer of big fish. Sometimes, just a little lure-casting is enough.

    And when casting, if a fish connects with the lure, that’s a plus. And if the angler is successful in landing the fish, that’s another plus.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A trip to Land Between The Lakes

    With the truck loaded the night before, Eric picked me up at 4 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1, and we headed for Land Between the Lakes.

    By leaving at 4, we would be able to make the 2 1/2-hour drive, get to the area, and, using our portable treestands, get in the trees we planned to hunt before daylight.

    We might has well have slept late, because neither of us saw a deer at all, and this set the tone for the rest of our three-day trip.