• STRAIGHT ARROW: Deer season's over; now what to do?

    Deer season has only been over a few days, and there is no better time than right now to get out and scout for deer signs.

    While the leaves are off the trees and underbrush, you can easily see the signs that deer leave behind as they live and move around their home territory.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Yellow perch fun to catch, good to eat

    They usually don’t get very big. They travel in schools, and when you find them, they are relatively easy to catch. And, they are great eating. They are yellow perch.

    Yellow perch are cousins to the walleye and every bit as good eating. They generally are smaller than walleye, and have a yellow-striped coloration. Yellow perch, walleye and sauger are all members of the perch family.

    Several outdoor writer friends recently posted on Facebook the smiling face of 12-year-old Tia Wiese of Idaho with a huge yellow perch she caught through the ice.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Archery deer season nearing its end

    We are fast closing in on the last of the 2014 -2015 archery deer season, which closes Jan. 19. The good news is, if you still have a deer tag as I write this column, the weather this weekend is looking pretty good.

    I have been getting reports from customers that have been seeing more deer in the fields while either hunting or just seeing deer from the road. To me this is an indication that the abundant acorn crop we had this year is gradually disappearing and the deer are showing up in the picked corn and soybean fields eating any grain that remains.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Ky. plans to help Wisc. elk efforts

    Kentucky’s elk reintroduction program has to be considered one of the top modern-day wildlife success stories. It has been highly successful overall, and developed more rapidly than most anyone could have anticipated, except for the visionary planning biologists.

    Now, Kentucky is in a position to help another state with its elk program.

    Kentucky will help Wisconsin boost its elk herd by providing 150 elk cows, calves and yearling male elk over the next 3-5 years, according to information provided by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Youth hunt

    Over the last couple of weeks Eric has been working with 8-year-old Hannah and her best friend and cousin, Ava, 9, letting them shoot Hannah’s .223 and reminding them where to aim on a deer to have them ready to go when the youth hunt opened Dec. 27.

    Eric had set up a blind a couple of weeks ago and covered it with brush, and had the shooting bench already in the blind well before opening day.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Keep it basic when teaching youngsters

    When it comes to teaching youngsters the basics and traditions of hunting, often squirrels or rabbits are the game that usually come to mind for the initial outings.

    Squirrels are a good choice because many of the basics learned apply to other types of game, such as deer and turkey. Squirrels are great for learning.

    My first hunting was for rabbits. Almost by accident, I shot one with a BB gun when I was about 10 years old.

  • Access concerns anglers

    Fishing is a popular outdoor sports activity. It’s fun to catch fish, and they are good on the dinner table.

    Catching fish is an activity that can be enjoyed alone, or with friends and family. 

    And while some anglers spend considerable money on equipment and fishing trips, it is an activity that can also be enjoyed with little investment or expense.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Free youth hunt weekend

    Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 27 and 28, is a free weekend for parents, grandparents, even aunts or uncles to take a youth hunter deer hunting without having to buy a license or deer permit.

    During this upcoming weekend, hunters age 15 and younger may hunt deer free. They can use a firearm, muzzleloader, crossbows or archery equipment. Youth hunters have to be accompanied by an adult and both are required to wear hunter orange.

  • Seeing Christmas from the dogs’ perspective

    Dogs have always been an important part of our Christmas and holiday season. To the Junkers, they are family.

    The dogs at the Junker house have also played an important role as have the dogs at the homes of other family members. That includes: Duke, Ripley, and Kyann.

    Our dogs have traveled with us to Christmas events, puppies have pulled ornaments from trees, they have had their own stocking, received gifts, and disliked New Year’s fireworks.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: National Archery in the Schools

    With the National Archery in the Schools program (NASP) already in full swing, Bonnie and I have been very busy traveling to different schools for practice sessions and tournaments.

    We generally set up a booth taking the NASP archery equipment to the schools and taking everything we need to make most repairs any of the kids might need right there at the school.

    lt is a real good feeling to repair a kid’s bow or explain proper shooting form and have a kid come by later beaming and telling us they had shot their best score ever. That’s the real reward!