• TEE TIME: Youth golfers setting good examples

    The future of this great game is in good hands despite the loss of Tiger Woods on the PGA tour.

    And why not?

    Many of the top golfers in the game are under the age of 30.

    Think Jordan and Jason and Justin.

    Rory and Rickie.

    Likewise, the future of golf in Kentucky is also in good hands.

    I know.

    I’ve seen it up close.

    Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of working several events on the Musselman-Kirchdorfer Golf Tour.

    And what fun it is.


    Local League Results

    Joe Benny Dickerson League at Cedar-Fil

    First place: Rick Meyer/Mary Jo Meyer (11.5 points)

    Second: N.A. Filiatreau/Carl Beeler, Brian Johnson/Jane Thomas, and Larry Rogers/George Greenwell (tied with 9)

    Low gross: Rob Pitts, George Greenwell, Charlie Hayes, Beau Shackleford (tied with 37)

    Low net: Joann Filiatreau (31)

    Closest to the hole: Tom Roby


    Boone’s Butcher Shop Morning League

  • GOLF: McMillen aging like fine wine on the course

    Have game.

    Will travel.

    Bardstown golfer Fred McMillen hasn’t had a need for business cards since he retired from his position as vice president of Barton Brands over a decade ago.

    However, he might want to use those words should he decide to go to a local print shop to order some.

    The true test of a golfer’s ability is not the scores he shoots on his home course but how he can maneuver his way around an unfamiliar one.

  • TEE TIME: Same-length shafts could benefit some golfers

    Bryson DeChambeau made a big splash when he arrived on the professional golf scene in 2016.

    It wasn’t just because he is only one of five golfers to win an NCAA title and the U.S. Amateur crown in the same year. (Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Ryan Moore are the others.)

    Instead, DeChambeau, who finished 21st in the 2016 Masters as an amateur, has garnered a lot of attention for something else.

    DeChambeau, who majored in physics at Southern Methodist University, plays with irons that are built with the same-length shafts.

  • GOLF: News and notes

    Cole Ballard of Bardstown performed well for two and a half rounds in the Kentucky State Amateur held Tuesday-Thursday at Keene Run in Lexington.
    Ballard shot 76-78 in the first two days and followed with a 39 on his opening nine on the final round.
    However, fatigue set in on the last nine holes, and he triple-bogeyed the first two holes en route to a 47.
    Ballard had played 45 holes in two days in a tournament just before heading to the State Am.
    Willie Edelen and Cody French did not make the cut for the final day of play.

  • TEE TIME: Honesty a noble policy on the course

    Golf is often described as a gentleman’s game.

    Most golfers carry themselves well on the course, usually on their best behavior. Professional golfers are impeccably dressed and for the most part the spectators are courteous and respectful to every player.

    It’s the one game that players will penalize themselves, oftentimes for an infraction that their fellow competitors were not aware of.

    Take Ernie Els as one example.

  • GOLF NOTES: June 16, 2017

    Local League Results

    Joe Benny Dickerson League at Cedar-Fil

    First place: N.A Filiatreau/Carl Beeler (7.5 points)

    Second: Rick Meyer/Mary Jo Meyer (6.5)

    Third: Dee Haste/Aileen Stevens and Brian Johnson/Jane Thomas (tied with 5)

    Low gross: N.A. Filiatreau (even-par 34)

    Low net: Harry Dickerson (28)

    Closest to the hole: Jane Thomas

    Randall Burba Men’s League at OKH

    First place: Dennis Carey/Billy Gentry (11.5 points)

  • There are things you can do to speed up play on the course

    Slow play.

    Nothing is worse than hitting a shot, getting to your ball, and having to wait again to hit the next one.

    The experts, and I’m not including myself in that group, say a reason for the decline in the number of rounds played per year is that our society doesn’t want to slow down; they want fast action.

    People want instant satisfaction, and they want it now.

  • TEE TIME: Summer is scramble season

    My wife, with whom I celebrated 39 years of marriage on Sunday (by shooting an even-par 71 at Lincoln Homestead), has often told me that I do not pay enough attention to details.

    I would like to think I do so but more selectively than she would like.

    You know, guys, it’s the selective hearing thing.

    I have kept an eye on the golfing scene in Nelson County for many years, and I have noticed there are probably more scrambles per capita here than most places.

    One can find a scramble to play most any weekend you’d like.

  • TEE TIME: How well do you know the rulebook?

    A golf rulebook is 231 pages of what I would describe as something you’d read if you were having trouble sleeping.

    It’s not very interesting and it’s difficult to understand.

    It reminds me of a comment from the late Judge Bob Heaton after I had given him a copy of the Koran.

    When he returned it to me, he said, “I feel like I am a pretty smart guy, but that is the most difficult thing I’ve ever read.”