• GOLF: League results

    League Results
    Boone’s Butcher Shop Morning League

    First place: Wally Bowling/Bobby Lewis (18.5 points)
    Second: Joe Judson/Byron Corbett (16.5)
    Third: John Peterson/Don Hardin (16)
    Low gross: Tommy Reddick (even-par 35)
    Low net: Joe Jones and Mike Wheatley (tied with 33)
    Closest to the hole: Alex Hey (#2) and Tommy Reddick (#7)
    Boone’s Butcher Shop Afternoon League
    First place: Alan Cecil/Wally Bowling (17.5 points)

  • TEE TIME: Leave it better than you found it

    I was playing golf at Maywood last week after the Mid-South Conference tournament.

    What did I see all over the greens?

    Ball marks.

    Unrepaired ball marks.

    I could only shake my head in disgust. These young kids might be great players, but it’s obvious that they didn’t know how to take care of a golf course or they know how to but they don’t care enough.

    And the disrespect and disregard of the conditions of the course isn’t just confined to young people.

  • TEE TIME: How well do you know your game?

    Figures lie.

    Liars figure.

    That’s an old saying that I’ve used many times when people have spouted out numbers that I wasn’t sure that I could agree with.

    And just as many professional and collegiate teams use statistics to plot which player to foul in certain situations or ask, is now the time for a hit and run, golfers too should be able check out their numbers.

    Most of us do not have any idea of our vitals.

    We should.

  • TEE TIME: Golfers aren’t always gentlemen

    Golf is described as a gentleman’s game, but, unfortunately, golfers don’t always fit that description.

    Surely most of you have played with that person who always cuts corners, if you will, so as to win those few extra bucks or to shave a couple of strokes off their score.

    They don’t bend the rules; they break them.

    And when you see it happen, you don’t know if you should laugh, get upset, or say something.

  • TEE TIME: Tiger's back, and so am I

    It’s finally back.

    He thinks he’s back.

    And, unfortunately for you, I’m back.

    The golf season is ready to get into full swing as the weather is FINALLY warming up and golfers are scratching their desire to hit the course for a new season of high expectations, with secret tips to improve their games and dreams of that round of a lifetime.

    Tiger Woods thinks his game has rebounded and can contend in The Masters. By the time many of you read this column, his first round will be in the books and his second might be as well.

  • GOLF: French named to All-Region 4 team

    Thomas Nelson junior golfer Cody French was named last week  to the All-Region 4 team for his efforts during the season. French shot a 77 at the regionals in Nicholasville last month, placing eighth overall.

  • GOLF LEAGUE RESULTS: OKHCC wins King of the Hill

    It was like the Ryder Cup.

    A runaway.

    Old Kentucky Home blasted Boone’s Butcher Shop 11.5-4.5 in singles play last Sunday to capture the 2014 King of the Hill Cup with a 21-11 victory.

    The teams had played best ball and alternate shot in previous weeks.

    Winning points for OKH were Chad Riggs, Roger Carey, Tommie Hurst, Darrell Hawkins, Patrick Conway, Bill Osbourne, Bryan Mouser, Chuck Smith, Charles Smith, Richie Berry and Pikey Conway, and Joe Buckman netted a half-point.

  • TEE TIME: Ryder Cup golf’s team showcase

    If you thought the climatic ending of the PGA was grip-your-chair hold-on-tight don’t-go-to-the-bathroom type of action, you’re going to enjoy this weekend.

    It’s the Ryder Cup.

    It’s when golf changes from an individual sport that pits man versus the course to a team sport that can force one man to bear the weight of an entire continent on his shoulders.

  • GOLF: Local league results

    Local League Results

    Boone’s Butcher Shop League (Morning)

    First place: Wally Bowling/Bobby Lewis (32 points)

    Second: Danny Hayden/Larry Ball (31.5)

    Third: Mike Bartoszek/Bill Osbourne (31)

    Low gross: Wally Bowling (even par 35)

    Low net: Wally Bowling (32)

    Closest to the hole: Bruce Hey (#2) and Doug Lyvers (#7)


    Boone’s Butcher Shop (Afternoon)

    First place: Mike Wheatley/Joe Clayton (36 points)

  • GOLF: Local league results

    Local league results

    Maywood Men’s League Shootout

    Overall winner: Chad Riggs/Tommie Hurst

    Second: Willie Edelen/Logan Edelen

    Third: Kelly Wood/Rob Farrell


    Bud Light Women’s League

    First place: Joan Rizer/Iva Hamilton (12.5 points)

    Second: Paula Burkott/Vicki Renisch (11.5)

    Third: Jane Roby/Karen Gentry (11)

    Low gross: Joan Rizer (37)

    Low net: Jane Roby and Iva Hamilton (tied with 32)