• TEE TIME: Looming penalty changed how U.S. Open was played

    Your favorite basketball team is trailing by three points in the closing seconds. The coach draws up a play for his best shooter to take the last shot. He misses and the team loses.

    After the horn sounds, a conference official comes to the coach to report that an earlier three-point basket by the winning team was only a two-pointer, and a closer shot could have sent the game into overtime.

    Of course, fans would have been in an uproar had that actually occurred.

  • GOLF

    Local league results

    OKH Randall Burba Men’s League

    First place: Mark St. Peter/Russ King (10.5 points)

    Second: Brent Monin/Millard Sims and Francis Smith/Ron Shrewsbury (tied with 9)

    Low gross: Alex Carey (1-under-par 34))

    Low net: Ron Shrewsbury and Oran Morton (tied with 28)

    Closest to the hole: Denny Berry (#2) and Roger Carey (#7)

  • U.S. Open proves to be a tough tournament

    Each of golf’s majors is unique in its own way.

    The Masters is the only one of the four played at the same venue each year.

    Golfers participating in The Open Championship must be able to maneuver their ball around the nuances of links golf.

    The PGA can boast that it is has the toughest field and they allow the players to make birdies instead of trying to have a winning score over par.

    And, then there is the U.S. Open.

  • TEE TIME: A very quote-worthy endeavor

    I quoted the adage of “A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office” in a recent column.

    There are a lot of memorable golf lines and quotes, and as I relax in California while writing this, I thought it would be a good time to bring some up. Or because I’m having too much fun to put much effort into this week’s column.

    Golf is a good walk spoiled.

     — Mark Twain

  • TEE TIME: Rules time

    I was driving home from a day of golf at Maywood when a friend called during her round at Rosewood Golf Course in Lebanon.

    Her ball was against a decorative brick wall that outlines the boundary of the lake on the par-3 fifth hole.

    She wanted to know if she was allowed a free drop.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert on the Rules of Golf, but gave her my best interpretation. It’s not the first time that I’ve known of people calling the pro shop to get a ruling, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  • TEE TIME: Competition and cameraderie on the course

    “A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office.”

    How many times have we uttered those words when taking a day off from work to play in a golf outing?

    Whoever came up with that saying wasn’t walking a mile in my shoes during my three days of competing in the Georgia Senior Invitational Tournament.

    And I use the word competing lightly.

  • THE 71st BOURBON OPEN: Golfers fight with wet conditions


    Contributing Writer

    Golf, bourbon, and rain — this year’s Bourbon Open Tournament had its fair share of all three. Despite the overcast weather, golfers and bourbon drinkers came from all over Kentucky in droves to partake in the annual event, reaching an estimated 400 participants.

  • TEE TIME: Burba’s honor just in time for Open

    It was a coincidence — albeit a fitting one — that as I was tossing ideas around in my head about a topic to write about for Bourbon Open week I would get an email from Pikey Conway that the Old Kentucky Home Country men’s league has changed its name to the OKH Randall Burba Golf League.

    It’s a tribute to a man who has devoted much of his life to promoting golf, the club, and the Bourbon Open.

  • GOLF: Bourbon Open returns this week

    The 71st Bourbon Open Golf Tournament gets underway on Thursday at My Old Kentucky Golf Course, and as usual, hundreds of golfers have already registered to play in Kentucky’s longest running golf tournament.

    Tournament director Andy Meredith noted that many of the golfers are returnees, coming from all across the country, including Washington State, Arizona, Florida and Ohio.

    He says there are still tee times available for others who may be considering playing and partaking of the good times at the country club.

  • TEE TIME: Club alterations should be handled with great care

    Golfers are a finicky bunch.

    Like most in today’s world, we look for instant gratification and will try the latest and greatest invention that will enable us to knock those last few strokes off of our score.

    We put weighted tape on a club (guilty), we cut the length off for more accuracy (guilty), we change the loft on the driver (guilty) before we play, because it’s a penalty to change a club during a round, and some of us buy the anti-slice driver that is advertised on those all-night infomercials (not guilty of this one).