• TEE TIME: How hard can it be?

    I’ve been told many times from people in this area that they are not golfers but read this column. I’m sure it’s not because of the words of wisdom that I impart on those who read it, but rather it’s the beauty of a hometown paper.

    People read their local paper from cover to cover regardless of what’s in it.

    Through it all, I think non-golfers shake their heads and wonder what it is about this sport that is so captivating.

    Ninie Hammon wondered the same thing years ago.

  • GOLF: Local League Results

    Boone’s Butcher Shop Morning League

    First place: David Sims/David Vittitow and Joe Judson/Kenny Hayden (tied with 10 points)

    Third: Donnie Miles/Joe B. Yates and Don Hardin/John Peterson (tied with 5)

    Low gross: Chris Gilpin and Donnie Miles (tied with 37)

    Low net: Kenny Hayden, Donnie Miles and David Sims (tied with 30)

    Closest to the hole: Ricky Hoppes (#2) and Denny Adams (#7)


    Boone’s Butcher Shop Afternoon League

  • TEE TIME: Local option to British Open

    Tickets are now available for the 2018 Barbasol Open Championship that is scheduled for July 16-22 at Keene Trace in Lexington.

    That’s the PGA event played opposite The Open Championship. While many of the top names in golf will be at Carnoustie, the Barbasol event is an opportunity for local golf fans to see many of the up-and-coming players at a fraction of the cost of the PGA event we’re used to attending.

  • GOLF: Local League Results

    Boone’s Butcher Shop Morning League

    First place: David Sims/David Vittitow and Donnie Miles/Joe B. Yates (tied with 6 points each)

    Third: Joe Judson/Kenny Hayden and Don Hardin/John Peterson (tied with 5)

    Third: Gavin Walls/Pat McCauley, Steve Long/Gary Conway, Joe Burks/Chad Johnson, and Denny Adams/Robbie Adams (tied with 11.5)

    Low gross: Joe Judson (even-par 35)

    Low net: Joe Judson, Joe Jones and Kelly Wood (tied with 30)

    Closest to the hole: Doug Lyvers (#2) and Joe Judson (#7)

  • TEE TIME: Augusta taking small steps to include women

    While all eyes in the world of golf were on the men competing this past week in The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, there was also some big news for women golfers.

    And somewhere, Martha Burk is smiling.

    You remember Martha.

  • GOLF: Tee Time makes its spring return

    Welcome back for another year of my nonsensical column on golf.

    Man, a lot has happened in the world of golf since we were last together in 2017.

  • GOLF: MOKH honors Prewitt with new driving practice cages

    The late John Prewitt would not be pleased with the newest improvement made at My Old Kentucky Home golf course.

    Prewitt, who died in 2013 at the age of 94, was a fixture on the local scene for many years, and could be seen at the course nearly every Sunday for more than 50 years, playing with partners Haydon Spalding, Don Wood and Randall Burba.

    It was Burba who wanted to do something in his friend’s memory, but didn’t want to plant a tree as so many other people had done in the past to remember a deceased golfer.

  • GOLF: News and notes

    How about playing 100 holes of golf in one day?
    That’s what Maywood assistant professional Zach Graves will be doing Oct. 2.
    He’s not lost his mind.
    Instead, he will be joining other PGA pros who will be doing the same thing across the country as they raise money for their favorite charities.
    Graves’ charity is Special Olympics.
    Those wanting to donate can pledge any amount of money per hole. If you’re interested, you can contact Graves by calling Maywood (502) 348-6600.

  • GOLF: News and notes

    Close enough!!

    Freddy Lyvers won the closest to the hole money during play on Monday in the Boone’s Butcher Shop Afternoon League at OKH.

    With a perfect shot.

    Lyvers aced the second hole, hitting a 9-iron from 120 yards. Jack Brey, Bill Osbourne and Doug Lyvers witnessed the shot.


    Local league results

    Randall Burba Men’s League at OKH

    Second Half Winners

    First place: (Jim Roby/Tom Hamilton (18.5 points)

    Second: Bob Grady/Basim Kahleifeh (17.5)

  • Do I play a lot of golf? Yes, yes I do

    Do you play a lot of golf?

    I get asked that question quite frequently, and I am never sure how to answer it.

    It depends, of course, on what you’re point of reference is.

    If you play in the obligatory charity scramble a few times a year or perhaps play a round or two during the season with your friends, then, yes, I play a lot of golf.

    And if you play a couple of times a week, well, my friends, you would think I play a lot of golf.