• The United Way of Nelson County fall campaign kicked off Thursday with a goal of raising $200,000 for the participating 21 local agencies requesting funds. While United Way Executive Director Kenny Fogle believes that campaign goal can be accomplished, the agencies’ needs are actually much greater.

  • To the editor:

    Just curious if anyone else in Bardstown wonders why gas in Bardstown is 15 to 20 cents higher in our community than it is in Louisville or Mount Washington. It has been this way for two — maybe three — weeks. I know Newcomb Oil Co. runs gas stations all over the state so they know what is going on in the market. I would think they might treat their “hometown” customers a little more fairly. Or, am I way off base?


    Chris Hart

    2180 Woodlawn Road, Bardstown

  • To the editor:

    It is a simple question. Why is the price of gasoline in Nelson County and Bardstown higher than any place else in the region?

    I have a daughter attending the University of Kentucky so I travel to Lexington. I am also retired military so I travel to Radcliff and Fort Knox. Because of being a veteran I travel to the VA Medical Center in Louisville, which normally takes me through Mt. Washington.

  • Obama is not unbeatable in 2012

    To the editor:

    Texas Governor Rick Perry is the only Republican running for president who has a great chance to send Barack Obama back to Illinois where he belongs.

  • President Obama’s first three years as president

    To the editor:

  • Give juniors the choice to attend the new high school

    To the editor:

  • Occasionally I clean out my column ideas folder and come across random notes and musings, sometimes written in the middle of the night, sometimes in the margin of a church bulletin during a song or sermon during a worship service.

    None of the ideas are big enough for a full-blown column, but they may be helpful to someone reading this. So, here are some random thoughts and miscellaneous musings:

  • Robert Augustine: City Columnist

    Bloated big government regulates, re-regulates, or taxes us out of prosperity and away from individual liberty.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of regulations never face review, repeal, or expiration.

  • Young people need to be surrounded by people who love, appreciate, and accept them.   They need to spend time in places where people care about them.  As a parent you are one of the child’s key asset builders and the most important.

    You can take your parenting to the next level by focusing on six key Support Assets: 

    Family Support, Positive Family Communication, Other Adult Relationships, Caring Neighborhood, Caring School Climate, and Parent Involvement in Schooling.

  • It’s very possible that I have dropped my last little wooden tile.

    Yes, I’m an avid Scrabble player, and it’s a game my family and I enjoy playing together, but some recent changes are just too much.

  • To the editor:

    Congratulations to the business owners of Bardstown who have done such a beautiful job of implementing the smoke-free ordinance. Their efforts mean safer workplaces for their employees.

  • To the editor:

    On Nov. 2, Nelson County voters will have the opportunity to elect a highly qualified candidate for Nelson County Sheriff. Rick McCubbin brings an impressive resume to the Sheriff’s position. His background as a patrol officer and United States Marshal, as well as his educational credentials give him unique insight for leading our Sheriff’s Department for the next four years. I hope you will join me in our support to elect Rick as our next Nelson County Sheriff.

    Ted Shields

    1115 Chaplin-

    Taylorsville Road

  • Becky Kirtley Osborne has a passion for photography.

    You can tell it in how she talks, how she uses her hands to paint a scene and how she smiles when she explains a reason behind shooting a certain image. She is drawn to sunsets and flowers but others tell her she excels in taking photos of people.

    “I think it’s because I can catch a real moment,” she said.

  • To the editor

  • In my pursuit of ducks and geese down the Ohio and Mississippi River flyways I have been privileged to hunt waterfowl along water courses still wild and untamed.

  • To the editor:

  • Sometimes controversial matters can be settled only by science — measurements or statistics that can’t be changed no matter how strong someone’s opinion is.

  • To the editor:

    Upon reading the article in The Kentucky Standard regarding the recent City Council candidate debate makes me wonder if I might be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

  • To the editor:

    I vote no on David Floyd.

    Representation for all of the people, not just powerful special interest groups with paid lobbyists. In August of 2009, my neighbors and I met with Mr. Floyd to discuss issues of unfairness concerning the KRS 256.042 aka the KY Fence Law. We read the law to Mr. Floyd and he had already looked it up and agreed it was unfair in today’s world. He said, “Let me call my lobbyist and see what they say.”

  • To the editor:

    If you’re wanting a new Nelson County Judge Executive, please vote for Tim Hutchins Tuesday, Nov. 2.

    I have known Tim, a loyal friend for 31 years personally. Personal connections are important parts of life. During these years he has always been available any time with a listening ear and open door policy. He always listens and offers support and I know he will carry and continue this relationship with all citizens of Nelson County. Tim’s hard work and positive attitude offer a hopeful future for all citizens, our children and grandchildren.